Drewberry Brochure 2009


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Drewberry provide three tiers of service to help organisations increase employe engagement. Tier 1, understand your employees. Tier 2, reward employees for the efforts. Tier 3, design clear, engaging communication to strengthen the employee/organisation relationship

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Drewberry Brochure 2009

  1. 1. D R E W B E R R Y . Solution 2009 employee engagement | employee opinon | employee reward | employee communication
  2. 2. contents . motivate your employees 3 working together 4 introduction 5 proposition 6 satisfaction & loyalty 7 satisfaction & loyalty key topics 8 remuneration & reward 9 remuneration & reward key benefits 10 communication & culture 11 communication & culture examples 12 grounded in research 13 contact 14 2 D R E W B E R R Y .
  3. 3. motivate your employees . what is your one unique asset? Your employees. One of the greatest factors in boosting morale and workplace productivity is creating a positive Talented people, unlike business models or your environment in which employees feel recognised products, cannot be imitated. The key to any and appreciated. We consistently find that organisation’s success is attracting and retaining organisations who talented, engaged people at all levels within the business. An engaged employee is motivated and understand productive and will continue to generate results inspire for your organisation. grow In these difficult times, it is more important than involve ever to work hard to keep your employees reward motivated. Nothing chips away at enthusiasm like worries about money, job security, or the stress of their employees are the same successful having to take on the additional work due to a employers that get the most from their workforce. downsized workforce. While it is understandable, waning morale can push your organisation into a We can help you to understand your workforce, downward spiral. and the factors that... and ultimately unlock your employees' discretionary effort and desire to contribute to the future of your organisation. . drewberryltd.com +44 (0) 800 612 7897 enquiries@drewberryltd.com 3 D R E W B E R R Y .
  4. 4. working together . easing the pains of a growing organisation Understanding your employees key motivators. Benchmarking your organisation against current and future competitors. Advancing the way you reward your employees in line with the growth of your organisation. Developing your ever changing culture. Identify seeds of doubt, preventing minor issues turning into big problems. enhancing the effectiveness of a merger or acquisition Understanding your employees key motivators. Understanding the cultural differences between the organisations. Sculpting a positive integrated culture and reward structure to create a diligent workforce. Recognising the key drivers of a truly successful integration. enabling organisation to find growth prospects Realise employees awareness of company objectives and direction. Finding new opportunities to increase efficiency from the ground up. Find out what stimulates your employees and what keeps them from moving on. . Resolve issues and build on ideas to help drive the business forward. drewberryltd.com +44 (0) 800 612 7897 enquiries@drewberryltd.com 4 D R E W B E R R Y .
  5. 5. introduction . three tiers of Our aim at Drewberry is to help you engagement understand and motivate your employees better. A truly engaged workforce hugely increases productivity and ultimately drives up your bottom line. In order to achieve this The Drewberry Research team have designed three tiers of engagement model. satisfaction & loyalty tier 1 Understand what motivates your employees. remuneration & reward tier 2 Incentivise to perform with a tailored employee reward & benefits scheme. communication & culture tier 3 flow of engagement Wrap all this with clear communication and a stimulating culture and you are likely to be 1 diligent engaged workforce getting the upmost from your workforce. We aim to help you the business leader fulfil 2 customer satisfaction & loyalty these objectives with our experience in capturing employee opinion, reward design 3 positive corporate brand & image and broking and the creation of engaging . communication material. 4 improved business performance drewberryltd.com +44 (0) 800 612 7897 enquiries@drewberryltd.com 5 D R E W B E R R Y .
  6. 6. proposition . the three tiers of engagement Grounded in research the three tiers of remuneration & reward engagement model has been designed to help We can help you design and tailor your employee you utilise your only truly unique asset, your reward & benefits scheme. The key focus being employees. relevance and value for money, efficient reward. Together, we will design an employee benefits Combining services to better understand, reward scheme which is tailored to your employee and communicate with your employee’s we can demographic, culture and business objectives work together to help you attract, retain and whilst working with providers to get the most out continually motivate and inspire your top talent. of your spend. satisfaction & loyalty communication & culture With the first tier we aim to help you better The final tier, bringing all together is understand what makes your employees tick. the communication strategy. Having spent time Using innovative methods of capturing and listening to the opinions of your employees and analysing employee opinion we can begin to having devised a tailored employee reward & understand what motivates and inspires your benefits scheme incentivising them to perform, it employees to perform at their best. is vital to communicate improvements you are making in an engaging manner, ultimately to survey | design | build | analyse | focus groups promote the future success of your organisation. . Remember engagement is a two-way process. drewberryltd.com +44 (0) 800 612 7897 enquiries@drewberryltd.com 6 D R E W B E R R Y .
  7. 7. satisfaction & loyalty . survey We correlate and cross-tabulate responses to uncover important relationships between We provide a professional, robust, user friendly employee loyalty, motivation and productivity, online solution from full employee engagement and your organisations policies and objectives. and satisfaction surveys to exit/retention surveys. Our online surveys are tailored to your Regression analysis assists in understanding the organisations needs and include: most cost-effective initiatives which will have the greatest impact on improving employee attributes bespoke survey design such as loyalty and productivity. personalised email campaigns focus groups randomised questioning We can deliver focus groups which will enable branched questioning participants to share their thoughts, feelings and attitudes. A consultant will guide the 6 to 12 comprehensive question types attendees through key topics including those you have requested be discussed and/or if a survey tailored branding & communication has taken place any red flag issues which were raised. analysis Based on the results of the survey and/or Once the survey responses have been collated we feedback from focus groups we produce a bespoke use advanced quantitative methods to evaluate report, based on your requirements, which is clear the datasets. and concise, and ready to present to your business leaders. . drewberryltd.com +44 (0) 800 612 7897 enquiries@drewberryltd.com 7 D R E W B E R R Y .
  8. 8. satisfaction & loyalty . key topics for discussion To what degree do employees like working at your organisation? culture What importance do employees place on the future of your organisation? How do employees feel expressing ideas to their leaders? communication Do employees feel leaders always relay relevant business information? business How do employees perceive their leaders, as honest, fair and ethical? leaders Do employees feel the business leaders inspire and motivate the workforce? What is the employees perception of quality job-related training? development What opportunities are employees aware of to learn additional skills? Are employees satisfied with their reward package? pay & benefits Do employees believe their reward package is competitive against the market? To what extent do employees believe there are opportunities to grow and advance opportunities into positions with more responsibility? Do employees feel their leaders recognise a job well done? recognition Is positive feedback issued accordingly by the employee’s leader? Are employees voices heard and ideas used when organisational decisions are made? empowerment . Do employees perceive they can make decisions that affect their work? drewberryltd.com +44 (0) 800 612 7897 enquiries@drewberryltd.com 8 D R E W B E R R Y .
  9. 9. reward & remuneration . benefit broking Are you making the most of the tax efficiencies available? We at Drewberry believe given the investment that is made into employee benefits, it is key to Are the premiums charged for providing the benefits competitive? make that spend efficient. There are many factors that determine how you benefit harmonisation structure your employee benefits scheme. We can Due to mergers and acquisitions, changing guide you step-by-step through the process of complex grading structures and legacy policy designing and broking a cost-effective employee changes your organisation may well have a variety benefits scheme appropriate to your organisations of legacy benefit rules and providers making and your employee's needs. administration and communication of your benefits program cumbersome. Smart broking of your policies is one of the easiest ways to make savings to free-up more of your Together we can harmonise your benefits program reward spend. Our aim is to help you utilise the with the aim of creating a simple, cost-effective tax efficiencies available whilst making sure the strategy. benefit provision is at the most competitive rates. Reduces costs due to economies of scale in Do your employee’s value all the benefits grouping employees under single insurance offered? policies. Are the benefits you provide appropriate to Simplify your communication strategy. the needs of your workforce? Reduce your benefit administration. Are the benefits you provide competitive in your industry? Build unity within your organisation. . drewberryltd.com +44 (0) 800 612 7897 enquiries@drewberryltd.com 9 D R E W B E R R Y .
  10. 10. reward & remuneration . lifestyle flexible holiday Every day benefits to help with your employee’s every day costs. childcare vouchers These benefits are very popular with employees as they can see cycle-to-work tangible savings on a regular basis. With such benefits touching on discounted shopping portal your employee’s everyday lives and being inexpensive to introduce and administer they are a quick win in terms of Kudos. With the likes discounted london dining of Childcare, Cycle-to-Work and Flexible Holiday there are also give as you earn potential savings to be made for you the employer. gym membership wellbeing private medical insurance Health and wellbeing benefits can play a key role in your dental insurance organisations long-term strategy to improve employee productivity and wellbeing whilst helping to drive down the number of days treatment cash plan absence in a year. Making efficient use of your reward spend there health assessments are clever ways in which we can combine these benefits enabling you employee assistance program to provide a well-rounded health and wellbeing strategy. protection life assurance Benefits that provide piece of mind for you and your employee’s. income protection Whether it is helping employees in the case of an accident or with a critical illness cover long term illness these benefits play a key role in creating a complete reward package. With the insurance market always changing it is key personal accident insurance to keep these benefits under review to ensure your rates and service . travel insurance are competitive. drewberryltd.com +44 (0) 800 612 7897 enquiries@drewberryltd.com 10 D R E W B E R R Y .
  11. 11. communication & culture . However brilliant your employee understanding Design a powerful and effective employee and focus without engaging communication all the communication strategy supporting and hard work you have put in is easily lost. To obtain developing your employer/internal brand the greatest perceived value of your spend it is so and core values. important to make a visual impact on your employees, making the communication relevant to Increase employee understanding of their your employee's as individuals. reward & benefits and the investment your organisation makes in their employment. It is vital for us to understand you as an Maximise your return on investment. organisation, your culture, your people and the vision for the future of your organisation. Working Develop employee engagement with year together we can create a targeted communication round targeted communication strategy with a tailored mix of media to achieve your communication objectives. From a new starter induction guide or internal newsletter to a fully flexible employee benefits scheme, together we can enhance your communication strategy with the design of bespoke offline and online employee communication maximising the perceived value of your spend and strengthening your employer/internal brand and core values. . drewberryltd.com +44 (0) 800 612 7897 enquiries@drewberryltd.com 11 D R E W B E R R Y .
  12. 12. communication & culture . example design We whole heartedly believe in the service we deliver and thus our communication strategy starts at home, below are some examples of the drewberry communication which we use to motivate our employees and show them how much we appreciate their efforts. brochure . web-based design . total reward statement . . total reward statements | employee handbook | executive reward | benefit harmonisation | newsletter drewberryltd.com +44 (0) 800 612 7897 enquiries@drewberryltd.com 12 D R E W B E R R Y .
  13. 13. grounded in research . key drivers of employee engagement At Drewberry our methodology is firmly grounded “Too many organisations focus on what the in research. The table below highlights the key customer thinks – to the exclusion of what the drivers of employee engagement as defined by employee thinks. Organisations are more likely to respected employee research bodies the be growing if the employee's opinion of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development organisation is better than that of the customer.” (CIPD) and the Institute of Employment Studies Harvard Business Review 2007 (IES). “The positive linkages which research has found Involvement in decision making. between employee engagement, advocacy, performance and intention to quit mean that it is Freedom to voice ideas, to which in employers’ interests to drive up levels of managers listen. engagement amongst their workforce.” Feeling enabled to perform well. Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development Having opportunities to develop the Business performance gains of between 30% and job role. 40% can be realised by organisations whose employees feel highly committed and engaged in Feeling well-informed about what is their work. happening in the organisation. Great Place to Work Institute Feeling the organisation is concerned for my wellbeing . drewberryltd.com +44 (0) 800 612 7897 enquiries@drewberryltd.com 13 D R E W B E R R Y .
  14. 14. contact . +44 (0) 800 612 7897 www.drewberryltd.com enquiries@drewberryltd.com 88-90 hatton garden the city © Drewberry . 2009 All rights reserved london Registered in England and Wales ec1n 8pn Company Number 6675912 Drewberry Limited is an appointed representative of Chase Templeton Limited authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority . Firm Reference Number 311612 drewberryltd.com +44 (0) 800 612 7897 enquiries@drewberryltd.com 13 D R E W B E R R Y .