Forklift Safety Methods


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Presentation for safety methods when using a forklift

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Forklift Safety Methods

  1. 1. Andrew DeLeon Logistics 104
  2. 2. Safety Method How do you do it? Why is it important?Inspect Forklift Check vehicle all- Making sure forklift is around. Check in good condition. To Hydraulic fluid level. prevent injuries and accidents.Choose the right Check sticker on Exceeding weight limitforklift forklift for weight limit. will cause accidents, possibly injuring you and damaging the forklift.Keep visual Look sideways. Look To prevent hittingawareness up and backwards. objects/people/ceiling structure.Drive forklift properly Maintain proper speed Quick turns may cause and maneuvering. tipping over. Raised Maintain proper level forks while driving will of the forks. cause unbalance.Exit forklift properly Lower forks. Set to Leaving a key on neutral. Set forklift forklift unattended may brakes. Turn off forklift. cause injuries and accidents.
  3. 3. INSPECT FORKLIFTCheck :• Overhead guard• Lift Chains & Rollers• Forks Why is this important?• Tires• Under forklift for leaks • Prevent malfunctions • Prevent injuries/death• Steering and brakes • Report condition early• Lights • Prevent high costs and fines• Horns• Hydraulic Tank
  4. 4. CHOOSE THE RIGHT FORKLIFTProper use of a forklift includes making • Read plate/sticker on every forklift.sure the objects being carried will not • If weight of objects exceed capacity (Ibs.),exceed its rated capacity. Forklifts can do not attempt to lift.become damaged and tip over. • Make sure forks are separated according to the proper use of lifting and carrying.
  5. 5. KEEP VISUAL AWARENESSWhile driving a forklift you must:• Look up• Look back when in reverse• Look to your sidesThis will prevent:• Damaging ceiling structure when raising objects with forks.• Pedestrians being struck by vehicle.• Falling objects.
  6. 6. DRIVE FORKLIFT PROPERLYDriving a forklift properly includes:• Proper speed• Maneuvering moderately• Lowering forks with objects when accelerating• No passengersThis will prevent:• Speeding accidents• Quick turn accidents• Objects falling off forklift• Injuries and damages
  7. 7. EXIT FORKLIFT PROPERLY When exiting the vehicle: • Lower forks just 3-4 inches above ground level. • Set to neutral. • Set forklift brakes. • Turn off forklift. • Close hydraulic tank.This will prevent from forklift being perceivedas a possessed vehicle. This will also preventmalfunction and injuries.
  8. 8. SAFETY STARTS WITH YOU Operating a forklift is a responsibility set upon whomever is using it. STAY SAFE!