Let the community do more than just Apps!


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Android is a platform the developer community can create innovative mobile applications for. However, much of the community's creativity and power remains untapped. Why? There are barriers for developers to contribute to the platform. First, the Android project is solely and rigidly controlled by Google. Second, the Android application & distribution model is designed to have 3rd parties create apps, not APIs or middleware. This presentations discusses these limitations and presents the concept of OSGi, an Open Services & Middleware Platform as an enabler for 3rd party platform innovation.

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Let the community do more than just Apps!

  1. 1. Let Developers do more than just Apps<br />
  2. 2. Community - Innovation - Android<br />The Dark Side:<br />The Bright Side:<br /><ul><li> Community is LIMITEDto just apps
  3. 3. Community CANNOTinnovate on API level
  4. 4. Community has NOdirectinfluence onevolutionofAndroid
  5. 5. Community innovatesbywriting Mobile Apps
  6. 6. Community canreadplatformsourcecode (anyuseful??)</li></ul>Whyis API level<br />Innovation important??<br />
  7. 7. 2. Manythingsare justtoohardto do on theapplevel. Examples:<br />Whymiddlewareisimportant<br />1. Appsonlydevelop-mentdoes not leveragethecommunity‘sfullpotential<br />Ads<br />UPnP<br /><ul><li>Lettheminnovate onplatformlevel
  8. 8. Letthemadd & share APIs
  9. 9. Let Service Providers get on yourphones
  10. 10. Letthemcreatenewbusinessmodels</li></ul>Referral<br />ESB<br />Integration<br />Payment<br />Voice<br />Recognition<br />DLNA<br />
  11. 11. HowtoenablePlatform Innovation?<br />Open uptheplatformbyadding a Open Services & Middleware FW<br />Thereis a standardforthat: OSGi<br />Developers can enrich the device by adding new APIs and services<br />Policiesdeterminewhomayprovideanduse APIs<br />FullycomplementarytoAndroid<br />
  12. 12. What would happen?<br />More innovation as developers can do more<br />Adds value to everyone in the chain<br />New business models for service providers<br />Example: Service provider A plugs in Ads API<br />Developers use that API in their apps<br />
  13. 13. What‘s in for Operators & OEMs?<br />Lets you & the community do more than just Apps!<br />Opens the Platform for Innovation<br />Add & manage yourAPIs & Apps<br />at any time<br />You control the platformValue Add not Google<br />Apps<br />&<br />APIs<br />
  14. 14. Technology<br />
  15. 15. OSGi: An Open Industry Standard<br />The Dynamic Module System for JavaTM<br />Specification developed by the OSGi Alliance<br />Adopted by a rapidely growing community<br />
  16. 16. OSGi: Architecture<br />OSGi is a manageable component framework<br />It hosts apps, services and middleware<br />It can inject functionality into the browser<br />Device<br />Availablefor:<br />OSGi<br />Browser<br />API<br />A<br />Service<br />B<br />Application<br />C<br />Native App<br />Service & Component Framework<br />Operating System & Drivers<br />Hardware Platform<br />Loadable<br />Module<br />
  17. 17. Example: Web Widget Support<br /><ul><li>Adds support for W3C Web Widgets to Android
  18. 18. Best of Breed: Widgets for Apps, OSGi for complex business logic & APIs
  19. 19. One way to implement JIL / Bondi</li></ul>Concept:<br /><ul><li> Middleware components are deployed into OSGi
  20. 20. OSGi Services (incl. custom code) can be auto-translated into Web Services
  21. 21. JavaScript APIs (i.e. wrappers for OSGi services) loadable from localhost
  22. 22. OSGi is fully manageable from remote (app lifecycle, diagnostics,etc)</li></ul>Web<br />Runtime<br />Widget<br />App<br />Widget<br />App<br />Widget<br />App<br />Widget<br />App<br />JS<br />Custom<br />APIs<br />JS<br />Custom<br />APIs<br />JS<br />Custom<br />APIs<br />Widget<br />App<br />JS<br />Platform<br />APIs<br />Web Server<br />Custom<br />Module<br />Deploy<br />Platform<br />Enablers<br />(Camera, Messaging, BT, etc.)<br />Custom<br />Module<br />Custom<br />Service<br />Mobile OSGi<br />
  23. 23. Middleware Example: DLNA<br />Let Android phones talk (Digital Life Network Alliance)<br />Hide complex DLNA implementation in OSGi<br />Offer APIs to developers to create apps on top<br />
  24. 24. Example: Remote Management<br />Remote management is an OSGi core capability<br />Comes with fully inte-grated OMA-DM Agent<br />Eases enterprise usageof Android devices<br />Value add for customercare & maintenance<br />Supported Features:<br /><ul><li>Android & OSGiAppLifecycleMgmt
  25. 25. App Push Deployment
  26. 26. AppUninstall, Update
  27. 27. AppStart/Stop
  28. 28. Remote Configuration
  29. 29. Remote Monitoring
  30. 30. Remote Lock & Wipe
  31. 31. Server Initiated Session Support
  32. 32. Postloadof Agent possible</li></ul>Supported Standards:<br /><ul><li> OMA-DM 1.2
  33. 33. OMA-DLOTA 1.0
  34. 34. OSGi 4.0 MOs
  35. 35. SCOMO
  36. 36. LAWMO </li></li></ul><li>Thanks<br />www.prosyst.com<br />mobileosgi.blogspot.com<br />j.ritter@prosyst.com<br />twitter.com/joritter<br />