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Edmond masjedi beverly hills


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Edmond Masjedi Beverly Hills is a businessman and a traveler. He has traveled to different parts of the world and also found great success in business world by creating and selling different businesses.

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Edmond masjedi beverly hills

  1. 1. Edmond Masjedi is a Dedicated Traveler
  2. 2. Edmond Masjedi is a businessman and traveler with extensive traveling experience. Over the years, he has traveled all over the world and visited different countries. He has also achieved great success in the field of business as he created and sold several businesses in the same industry.
  3. 3. A dedicated professional, he has the ability to seek out profitable business opportunities and then create businesses that take advantage of the market state. He aims at creating businesses that feed a need among the customers. According to Edmond Masjedi, consumers are present in every business market and one just needs to tap into where the demand exists and fill that space with the supply of a product or a service
  4. 4. By examining the competition in the market, a business owner can learn a lot about what the customers desire and what they are willing to pay to fulfill their desire. Observation, creativity and ability to quickly execute ideas are great skills that can benefit any businessman, according to Edmond Masjedi.
  5. 5. As a traveler, Edmond Masjedi, Los Angeles has learned a lot from observing businesses all over the world. He has been to different countries and seen how people work and how they spend money. He also enjoys learning about the cultures of different countries and he speaks multiple languages.
  6. 6. His understanding of cultures helps him in learning about the needs of people all over the world. He enjoys figuring out the common factors among the consumers and he applies this knowledge in creating successful business plans that work in any business environment.
  7. 7. A successful businessman, Edmond Masjedi also believes in donating to charity and he is involved with several reputed charities like Penny Lane Foundation and St. Jude for Kids. He has strong ties with the community and he helps the people whenever he can.
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