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What have you learnt from technologies from the


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What have you learnt from technologies from the

  1. 1. Technologies used whilst producing mySoftware Used: Music magazine...Photoshop CS3 I used more software than hardware whilst producingPowerpoint either of my magazines. But I I learnt a lot through used more software for myPrezi making my magazine music magazine than theBlogger due to the programmes College magazine because I I was introduced to. had to present my work inPaint different ways. I found that I Software Used used more software in theSurvey Monkey planning and evaluation stagesMicrosoft Word Photoshop CS3 than in the production stage as Photoshop was the mainSlideshare Google programme I used to create the actual pages in both cases.Blackboard Internet Explorer I think I used more software Microsoft Word for my music magazine as thePublisher College magazine was just aAdobe Acrobat practise whereas the music magazine was more of a SimpleGoogle challenge so required programmes. different programmes to beInternet Explorer used.Youtube College Magazine...
  2. 2. Technologies used whilst producing my Music Magazine... I used more hardwareHardware whilst producing myCamera I only used the basic devices music magazine as I needed to create my College had more time to makeComputer magazine instead of it better and improvePhone experimenting with other things. my work. So throughUSB Stick using different HardwareMicrophone devices, I could show Camera my work in differentTripod Computer ways and use thingsLights such as lights to USB Stick(spotlights) improve the quality ofI wouldn’t of been able to my photographs, as ifcreate either of my magazine they were shot in apages if I didn’t have the This is why my College Magazine looks rough and rushed, because I createdCollege Magazine... it using only the essentials so that it met the criteria.
  3. 3. Research & Production Evaluation I tried to use differentPlanning technologies toPhotoshop CS3 Photoshop CS3 present and record both my planningMicrosoft Word Microsoft Word and research andPowerpoint Powerpoint the evaluation of my pages. I did this byPublisher using a microphone to do voiceovers onAdobe Acrobat videos, I felt thisBlackboard Blackboard Blackboard was easier to do altogether and I wasBlogger Blogger Blogger able to get my point across quicker andSlideshare Slideshare explain my reasonsSurvey Monkey without it being in a long paragraph ofPhone Phone text, which people wouldn’t bother toMicrophone Microphone read. By recording my work in differentMemory Stick Memory Stick Memory Stick ways, I was able toCamera Camera Camera learn how to use new things. Tripod
  4. 4. As the tableResearch & Production Evaluation shows, I usedPlanning more technology inPaint Paint the research and planning stageGoogle Google than theYoutube Youtube production stage.Internet Internet This is becauseExplorer Explorer the production stage was mainlyComputer Computer Computer based around Photoshop CS3.I have used a lot of software to produce my musicmagazine, this is because ways of presenting work have This was when mybecome more virtual so everything is based on the skills in usingcomputer. This is an advantage as it enables me to be Photoshopquicker whilst producing the work, meaning I can get more increased as I wasdone. This came in when I was at the research and planning able to try newstage as I had a period of time when I had to do as much things to be ableuseful research as possible, to make sure my music to get the effectsmagazine would have a target audience and compare it to I wanted so thatothers on the market already. I have learnt many thingsthrough using different types of technology, and my skills my magazinebuilt up whilst I was creating my final pages. looked like other professional ones.
  5. 5. The internet has played a big part in the wholeprocess of designing my music magazine, from thestart when I was planning and during the productionof the pages. This is because I used the wide rangeof information about other existing magazines togain ideas and inspiration. I then was able to takethose ideas and use them for my own magazine anddisplay my work on an online Blog. I have learnt how aBlog works and found it very simple and interestingusing it. I found that with this technology, I was ableto update my Blog anywhere through my smart phoneor anywhere I had internet access. It enabled me toupload photos, videos and text to explain my work inmore detail. At the start of the project, I thoughtthat using a Blog would get confusing and my workwould be hard to keep track of but I have found itto be very easy to maintain as all you have to do issave it and make sure it is backed up on a memorystick.I have used a memory stick at all stages of theproject incase the computer systems failed and I lostall my work, fortunately this didn’t happen but it wasuseful to keep copies of my work anyway.