Top of the pops


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Top of the pops

  1. 1. The media packfor ‘Top of the This tells me that the magazine This also providesPops’ magazine is costs £2.99 to purchase, I could The first figures which information thatmuch more base my magazine on this price readers may want is provided forsimple that the as it will be in competition withothers I have mine as they are for the same to find out or the readers islooked at. It is market, and I think they are potential readers. data about mainnot a full media offering a reasonable price as points of thepack, it is just they have to take intoinformation that consideration who is going to be magazine such asis displayed on buying it. their readershipthe magazines and percentageswebsite. It is of what gender ithard to find and is most suited to.then fairly The informationdisappointing so Idon’t think it is shows that itsbeing put to its target audience isbest use! There is mainly femalesnot much although there is ainformation for small amount ofthe readers to males thatlook atcompared to purchase theother magazine. It alsomagazines, and tells us that theyyou cannot are between thedownload it as ages of 11-15 so theone pack which is magazinesa disadvantage.The way it is contents has to bedisplayed is also suitable for themboring, I think to see, it couldthey should of also affect theused the same way the articlescolours as are are written as theused within the
  2. 2. The informationprovided on this tab onthe website is forpeople that may wantto place adverts in themagazine. The othertwo media packs I haveanalysed have alsoincluded this, so itmust be a useful thingfor the readers tohave. I think this isbecause it stops peoplecontacting themagazine itself andconstantly asking forthe details so insteadthey are provided in asimple format that iseasy to pull the rightinformation out of.It shows the rates ofdifferent aspects ofdisplays and insertsthat could be chosen.Which people may wantto know before
  3. 3. The media pack is very small and therefore doesn’t containmuch information at all, compared to the others I havelooked at. I think the magazine should have spent moretime providing a useful tool for their readers as it mayhelp them. The information is kept to a minimum althoughon the website there is the option to download files thathave extra details such as the one above. They are for theuse of media buyers or advertisers so that they can findmore out about how to do things and ad specifications. Ithink this is useful although they should put it all togetherin an online media pack that can be downloaded easily asone. The information within the files is much more detailedthan what is available on the website. It gives links that cantake you further to help you do things, which will help themagazine get more money through people advertising. This