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Survey analysis results


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Survey analysis results

  1. 1. Survey Analysis Results Who my audience are & what they want
  2. 2. How old are you?Through asking peoples age, I found out that the majority of myaudience would be 15-20. This means that I would have todesign a Pop magazine that suits their age; fairly sophisticatedlayout but colourful. As they are teenagers, the style of writingcould be slang or I could use common phrases that would catchtheir attention.Although I thought that the general market for a Pop magazinewould be younger than 15, around the age of 13. As a Pop musicmagazine, I would expect younger people to be more interestedin it as it is quite a fun genre of music.
  3. 3. Are you male or female?These results tell me that the main audience for my Pop musicmagazine is females. With 76.9% out of 100%, I will have to usecolours that will attract females to buy the magazine and read it.Using purples and pinks as main colours, as these arestereotypical female colours. These results will also influencethe pictures and photography I use, because girls think of femaleartists as role models and copy their fashion and style.
  4. 4. Do you like pop music?Over half of the people who filled out my survey said they do likePop music, this tells me that my magazine will have an audienceand hopefully buyers too. As well as 23.1% of the people sayingthat ‘It’s Alright’, which could mean they are my audience too ifthey see something they like. The results tell me that Pop musicis a fairly popular genre of music and it is likeable, so I amdefinitely going to create a Pop magazine. I could show the latestpop music albums, artists and any upcoming gigs.
  5. 5. How important is music to you?This was a general question I asked so that I could find outhow popular the magazine was likely to be. The results suggestthat over half of the people who answered my survey thinkthat music is important to them in their lives (58.3%) and16.7% say it is very important. This means that their isdefinitely a target for my magazine, so I should take intoconsideration other factors. Such as what they like to see in amagazine, so that I can meet their needs and produce a goodmagazine!
  6. 6. Who is your favourite band/artist?These results show that there is a range ofmusic that people like, there is not one bandor artist imparticular that is a favourite. Italso shows that Rock and R&B music ispopular to people aged 15-20, along with Pop.Getting these results helps me by thinking ofpeople I could use within the magazine sothat it is read, if I used an artist that myaudience didn’t like or know, then themagazine would not sell.
  7. 7. What do you like to see in a music magazine? People like to see pictures in music magazines, this is obvious as 3 people have put it as the answer. Other things that people want to see in the magazine are information about gigs and tour dates, new songs, and interviews from artists. There is a wide range of things that people would like to see in a magazine so I can use these results to make sure my magazine contains as many of them as possible. This will get me a larger audience and the magazine will sell better as I will be meeting the markets wants and needs.
  8. 8. Does music reflect on your personal appearance?These results surprised me as I thought that many femalesused artists as fashion icons, but these results tell me thatover half, 69.2% of the people do not use music to influencethe way they dress. Although there is still 30.8% that saythat it does reflect the way they look, this means that I couldstill use the photography as a way of drawing the reader inand thinking carefully about the costumes used.
  9. 9. Why?A lot of peoples reasons are negative, andtell me that music shouldn’t influence theway you look. Although they realise thatcertain genres of music are more prone topeople dressing like the music, such asPunk or Rock. These results help medetermine the photography that is goingto be within the magazine, as I will haveto think about the audience and whatthey would like to see.
  10. 10. Why do you like the music that you like? main result I got The from this question, was that the music they enjoy and listen to, makes them happy. I could use this idea in my magazine by presenting Pop music as a fun, funky genre. Most of the comments were positives, therefore I should design my magazine in a way that looks cheery and represents the music. I could do this by using bright colours such as pinks, reds, greens. Or maybe a big mix of colours so that it jumps out at you!
  11. 11. How much would you pay for a music magazine? I asked this question so that I can set a reasonable price to put on the front cover of my magazine. The results tell me that the average price people are willing to pay is £2. I think this is a reasonable price to use as it will mean people will buy it, whereas if I set it any higher, people may not think it is worth it.
  12. 12. What are your interests/hobbies? I asked this general question so that I could find more out about my audience and what they like. This could help me think about the types of adverts that are going to be in the magazine and also the way it is designed. It also helps me find out extra information about my audience, which could be used to draw in their attention; for example: the use of makeup on the artists.