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Question 4


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Published in: Technology, Business

    My name is Blessing
    i am a young lady with a kind and open heart,
    I enjoy my life,but life can't be complete if you don't have a person to share it

    Hoping To Hear From You
    Yours Blessing
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Question 4

  1. 1. Would be theaudience
  2. 2. Films
  3. 3. Clothes
  4. 4. HobbiesThese are the hobbiesand interests my typicalreader would have.
  5. 5. Finesse who feature in the magazine:• 3X2bGOQt2rg&feature=plcp&context =C3d7ac4aUDOEgsToPDskIbDqxz6fyfi msTMWhe_Iox• p0b1RNS5YY&feature=context&conte xt=C3d7ac4aUDOEgsToPDskIbDqxz6fy fimsTMWhe_Iox
  6. 6. Music that my target audience would listen to:• GLojNYSo&ob=av2n Poker face by Lady Gaga uvbnC0A Kiss The Stars by Pixie Lott This is the type of music that my target audience would listen to, as it is known as Pop music. It is fun and full of energy, which is how I want my pages to look; so that they grab the attention of the age group.