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  1. 1. Media Pack
  2. 2. Pastes magazine media The people shownpack is presented as a within the imagemuch more sophisticated suggest that thepop music magazine. The magazine is meant fordesign is not the style you the older generationwould expect to see for the and is quite intellectual.genre of music, instead it The black and dullhas been changed to suit clothing connotatestheir audience more. The elegance, formality, andcover for the media pack is equality. All ofsimple and is made up of which, the magazinemainly the one large image may want to portray.which is the main focus. Their clothing also makes them look like middle to upper class citizens as they are wearing posh suits with The magazine is also waistcoats and covering a pop film and culture dresses. Two of the magazine, but the males are wearing setting of the image classes which instantly doesn’t fit the genre at gives the impression of all, instead it makes intelligence. I think it is a weird image to put on the magazine seem a music magazine pack. like a history magazine. I don’t think the image portrays the content very well.
  3. 3. One of the things This is a useful pageincluded in the media as it gives statisticspack is a page about about the magazinetheir audience and and its readers. It ispercentages of the displayed in atypes of people that suitable column andbuy their magazine. each section isThis gives people an under a subheadingidea of the target which makes it easymarket they are aiming to read andfor which is obviously navigate. Thethe older generation. information is simpleAlthough the imagery to analyse and pickused and the design of out what you want tothe page suggests know.otherwise, as it is quitewell laid out and looksfun. The image used asthe backgroundsuggests a slight oldfashioned theme andgives the page somecolour, even if it is rustycolours.
  4. 4. The content of thispage is quite important This shows that the readers of thewhen it comes to the magazine are alsomedia pack itself. As it working class or upperis used to show class. As they arereaders statistics and professional people, sodemographics that the magazine isn’tthey may wish to know really read byabout the magazine. unemployed people. It is bought by peopleThis shows the main that earn more moneyreaders of the and have a good pastmagazine, the education. The readerspercentages show that are of a high standardover half of the and fit into areaders are male so sophisticated group.the magazine is moresuited for males. Thiscould be useful for themagazine editorsthemselves as they The magazine willwould be able to be able to use thisdesign or adapt the information tomagazine to suit males produce amore, if they are magazine that isalready the main suited for thereaders. audience.
  5. 5. ‘Billboard’ magazines The information ismedia pack also included displayed in a boxinformation about the that is placed at theadvertising bottom of therequirements, this is so page, off centre. Thisthat if anyone wants to has been done toplace an ad in the make the page lookmagazine, they have the more abstract and tosizes needed to submit show the personsone. This makes it easier head and hisfor the magazine to get expression. It alsomoney as the information makes theis ready in a pack that is background imageavailable for the public to more prominent andget hold of. adds a sense of emotion to the page. The person connotatesI like how the individuality due tobackground of the his clothes and thephoto has been bold choice of bow tie. His hair and faceblurred to make the has been made toperson stand out look natural andmore, and be seen slightly rough, as heagainst the dark looks in a daze.colours due to hisfresh white shirt andbright accessories.
  6. 6. This page shows a The images used inschedule of dates for the background lookwhen the magazine is edited to make theissued. This enables people look likereaders to be able to see they have beenwhen the next one is out placed onto theand some extra detailsabout it. Such as the backgrounds. Eacheditorial features that person has beencould draw them to added separatelypurchasing the but they look joinedmagazine. It acts as a together. The sameschedule that they can thing has beenstick to and it allows the done with thereaders to have adeadline to buy it or not. I background to givethink it is a good idea to a weird sense ofput this in the media pack scale andas if you are going to perspective whichread the media pack, this looks abstract andis the type of information fun. I really like theyou’d be looking for as it image as it looksis something thatconcerns you. powerful and like it has meaning. The people are stood in poses that show they have a right to be there and are in control. They also look like modern singers although the effect of the photo looks old.
  7. 7. This double page spread from the media pack contains information about how to contact different parts of the magazine ifnecessary, this is a useful thing to give to the public as they will be able to enquire about things that may help the magazine. It alsohas information about the multi-channel marketing that they have on offer to their readers, this means other ways of using themagazine and its facilities. It also connects other parts of the magazine into it that make it more popular such as the festivals andtours. The images used as the backgrounds are very powerful and look textured and original, this gives the magazine its ownunique style.
  8. 8. This double page spread includes information about the online audience that they attract throughthe magazine and how it effects them. It shows percentages of people that use the website andwhat it offers to them. This could be a way of promoting the magazine. It also shows details abouttheir custom media and marketing, meaning their production.