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Media pack

  1. 1. Media Pack
  2. 2. The reader for thismagazine is mucholder than I This informationthought they included in thewould be aiming media packat. As the majorityof its readers are also shows thatcollege the magazinegraduates, this targets peoplemeans they are of a averageover the age of income. This17. I thought that tells me that mythe style of themagazine suited a magazine willyounger audience probably bebut it obviously aimed at theattracts a different same group ofage group due to people, but atthe overall a younger age.content. So their parents would be purchasing theI didn’t expect magazine for71% of it’s readers them, but theyto be between the would still beages of 25-54 as I coming from athink themagazine is suited middle classmore to backgroundteenagers. where it Although this magazine has a different age group target than wouldn’t be a mine, I think they are similar with the content and therefore I stretch to buy can use it as a guide to who I need to attract and the type of the magazine. information to include.
  3. 3. It also contains information about:Their 2011 schedule, this shows people when theclosing dates and due dates for applying foradvertisements are. It lets people know that theyare organised and know what they are doing,and is helpful for themselves as it lets them keepup to date. It has information about mechanical requirements, this tells you about the type of files they can use within the magazine, and also the format of them. It says what will result in the best resolution photos and designs. And also how to submit the adverts when you want to. All of the information included makes it easier for the companies to place adverts in the magazine, which means they are getting more money through doing so. I think this media pack is reasonably small and doesn’t include as many pages of information as others might, as it is only 7 pages.
  4. 4. Another thing The design of theincluded in the media pack is verymedia pack is a basic, it is laid out inpage dedicated to columns, of which‘advertising terms & make it look sophisticated. Itconditions’. This will contains a lot ofbe there to help text that is in aand provide simple font. Thereinformation for are barely anythose people or colours used, otherbusinesses that wish than the green that is within theto use the ‘Billboard’ logo.magazine to This is effective as itpromote their is not meant to beproducts. It tells attractive, it is justthem what the rates meant to beare and how they helpful. I think it is good that it stickscan go about to the same colourgetting their adverts scheme though.into it. It also tellsthem how often themagazine isdistributed and towhere, this lets themknow how muchtheir advert may beseen and if it isworth doing it.
  5. 5. There is moreinformation aboutthe adverts that youcan place within themagazine. This pageshows the pagedimensions whichcan be helpful tothose who want toknow for any reason.They are displayedin a simple way withdiagrams that showthe space, then thedimensions areplaced underneath,it is clear and easyto understand.I think they havedone this as thebigger space youwant, the more youwill have to pay forit. As it means theywill have less spacefor their owncontent.
  6. 6. The editorialhighlights showwhat the mainfocus are of themagazine incertain timeperiods. This gives aclear plan of whatthe contents of themagazine will be soyou know what toexpect, it also letsthem stick to aplan so that theyinclude everythingthey wish to within2011.I think this is a verygood idea as theymay have plannedit so that the focusin certain monthsfits the time of year,which will attract abigger audience.