Flat plans


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Flat plans

  1. 1. Flat PlansMy flat plans are a guide of how I want my magazinepages to be laid out. I have used my research onPop magazines to influence the design, therefore Ihave chosen to make my magazine look busy andfun as I feel this will appeal to the audience morethan being structured and basic.
  2. 2. Sky lineI have chosen The picture willto make my Masthead be a stagedmagazine front photo of acover quite femalefull, so that it singer, so thatattracts the Coverline straight awayaudiences they are beingattention and presented withdisplays itself as a typical Coverlinebeing full of teenage rollgossip and Picture model. She willworth spending be wearing themoney on. Coverline latest fashion and be posing. I have chosen toThe pictures in include manythe bottom left cover lines soare most likely that it draws yougoing to be Picture Main Sell Line in with snippetslive photos, to of gossip whichmake the the female agemagazine range likes. Picturehave Barcode & Priceexcitement.
  3. 3. I have chosenThe Contents to include acontents note from thepage is just magazineas busy, as I team so thathave used they can‘Smash hits’ connect withmagazine the audience and showas a base they areand providing theadapted it magazineto make it that theyoriginal. I want, andhave still that theymanaged to Text appreciate them buyingplace the it.text and There is stillimportant Picture two picturesinformation Features included onin columns this page asso it still fits when I didthe normal my survey, Iexpected found thatlayout. they wanted to see photos.
  4. 4. Interview title Full page photo QuoteInterview Upcoming gigs ad Album review events
  5. 5. I have chosen to make There will be quite The differentone of the pages out a lot of different parts areof the double page sections of arranged in anspread a full image. information on the abnormal way,After analysing other double page being off scalemagazines, I found spread such as an so that it seemsthat there was often interview, album fun and quirky.large images and my reviews and newssurvey also tells me about the latestthat the audience like gigs andto see pictures. The upcoming tourpicture will be a dates. All of thesestaged image of a things were pickedmusic artist, who looks up on in the surveyglamorous. I conducted.