The Law of Evidence- Bayyinah (Meaning)


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Section 3 of the Syariah Court Evidence (FT) Act:
“bayyinah” means evidence which proves a right or interest

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The Law of Evidence- Bayyinah (Meaning)

  1. 1.  Q: Section 3 of the Syariah Court Evidence (FT) Act: “bayyinah” means evidence which proves a right or interest and includes qarinah “qarinah” means fact connected with the other fact in any of the ways referred to this Act a) discuss - meaning(juristic opinions) b) examples on application (decided cases) IZZAH ZAHIN ALIMAN 11/2/2013 10 m 5m
  2. 2.  Literally: BA-YA-NA clear, apparent > Surah al-Bayyinah: 1 Classical Jurists B SS S B=S > Hilal Q 4th Century Ibn Hazm al-Zahiri Contemporary Jurists Ibn Qayyim & Ors redefine Ibn Hazm’s by rejecting ilmu a-lQadi due to corruption etc… BAYYINAH anything which clarifies the truth, ilmu al-Qadi is the strongest and most valuable > Surah al-Ankabut:35 > Surah al-Hadid: 25 S B Q IZZAH ZAHIN ALIMAN 11/2/2013
  3. 3.  Comparatively, section 3 of the EA 1950 is crystal clear; followed Ibn Qayyim’s: > s 3 SEA “evidence” includes..all statements..all documents.. • • Ibn Qayyim: (Comprehensive meaning) refers to anything which clarifies, explains or proves a position, right or interest which a court or judge may consider in rendering justice to the to the rightful party or in delivering in a just decision Encapsulates all evidence in Islam (except ilmu al-Qadi) > s 130 SEA “consistent with Hukum Syarak” > s 3 SEA 4 Mazhabs, exclude Zahiris (rejecting Ibn Hazm’s Ilmu al-Qadi) IZZAH ZAHIN ALIMAN 11/2/2013
  4. 4. Abdul Hanif lwn Rabiah JH 1997 • • • Issues: Wife claimed fasakh Cases involving Mal – Shahadah - Sural al-Baqarah:282 Cases on husband beat wife – Bayyinah + Qarinah IZZAH ZAHIN ALIMAN 11/2/2013
  5. 5. Norazaha bin Arifffin lwn Rohana binti Othman (1999) 13 JH(I) 91 • • • • • Issues - Wife claimed divorce by takliq Court accepted shahadah of both parties=bayyinah + s 88 SEA Cases involving mal – testimony by 1 witness +oath Cases involving rights – 2 or more witnesses – Surah al-Baqarah:282 Ibn Qayyim & Ors’s terminology on bayyinah- suitable for civil & syarie cases – can be shahadah, qarinah, yamin, ra’yu khabir , (but) ilmu qadhi (?) IZZAH ZAHIN ALIMAN 11/2/2013
  6. 6. Hazlina bt Hamidin v Muhamad Zaidi bin Majid (2005) 2 ShLR 140 • • • • • • • • Wife claimed mut’ah “Oral testimony”- testimony given by witnesses “witness” exclude Plaintiff & Defendant Claim must be written down – clear – detail The purpose of Plaintiff/Defendant in giving testimony for internalizing certain reasons of claims/facts – not a testimony to prove the right Dispute between husband and wife – pleadings (written form) – will reveal bad things when giving testimony Al-muddai’e – one whose words contradict to zahir Al-Muddai’e alaih - one who claims something apparent IZZAH ZAHIN ALIMAN 11/2/2013