question and answer about quality control


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Q&A about quality control

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question and answer about quality control

  2. 2. 1 ASSIGNMENT DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (CHAPTER 1-DIFFERING PERSPECTIVES ON QUALITY) 1. Why is quality a difficult term to define? How can we improve our understanding of quality? Quality is a difficult term to define because of maybe it is a confusing to understand. Actually it is not to assign of the object or product but it is perception and standard that relates a person to evaluate or judge the object or products either by observing or using a product. Generally its can be described as subjective matter. Besides, the difficulties occur when it is underestimate by the people which are assume quality as only generic term whereas it is relative and not absolute. The way to improve our understanding of quality are we able to differentiate the uses of quality’s approaches in our daily life. In fact, we must know that quality as not hard to defined, its simple. It can be a requirement standard or more than that. Focusing in 2. Why is communication within an organization an important part of the quality improvement process? Communication is an important part of quality improvement process. Communication using visual management pictures the goals and approach. It motivates and encouraged people to do the changes, by showing predict the benefits. It has pros and contras means that the wrong or too much communication can also frustrate or annoyed people, getting them to resist changing. Hence, many improvement process are run by technical persons, in a technical environment. For the communication, it will be the language that’s always been misunderstand and underestimated, and conclude as difficult for technical persons. It will occur when something that people are inexperienced in, which makes them feel uncomfortable. Although the communication causing the bad benefit to the certain part of process, it will settle down when people in the process are together to improves themselves for getting better during working session. It will difficult when people against it but it will easier when people experienced it and obey to improving the process in the organization. Communication are not necessary that must be face to face among the workers in the organization but will including using the differences communication tools and techniques such as posters, flyer, websites, newsletter, mailing, blogs, forums and others. The tools might be the same as advertising tools in marketing but same goes for the quality improvement process in organization. The benefits of communication is build the trust among the workers and responsibility among the workers to spread the information in the creative way.
  3. 3. 2 3. Why is planning an important part of quality management process? How a firm’s quality management initiatives could be adversely affected if planning was not a part of process. Planning is an important part of quality management process because of planning increases the efficiency of an organization. It will make most appropriate uses of all available resources in the process. It will help to reduce wastage of the resources and at the same time will helps to reduce costs. Planning also assist the management process to achieve their objective and goals. To fulfil the objectives to achieving the goals are not easy but when the planning interfere in the process it much easy and lead to success. Besides, the process will in good control during its performance. A proper planning provides financial and non-financial incentives to both managers and employees in the organization. It will motivated the workers to work hard and assist them to achieve the goals in the organization. Hence, it will increase the personnel among the workers in the organization. The list of dimension by Garvin’s are affected by planning and quality management initiatives. Means that, the management compulsory to apply the planning process in the organization. Show that the planning is important part that related to each other in the TQM. Without planning the organization will a lot of work and not getting a lot done. Keep always make mistake and increase the wastage in production. Moreover, it will waste the time in the process. 4. What is mean by the phrase “cost of quality”? How can the phrase help a firm address the quality concern? Cost of quality is the company struggle with the all effort because of the rework to achieve the goals of the organization or also known as failure cost. the organization strive needed higher quality with requires higher cost because of failure such as machines problem, hiring more labour for rework, buying the raw material for backup the failure material during productions. The phrase may help the firm or organization address the quality concern by controlling the quality during process. When the controlling of quality was implement in organization, it will diminishing the wasteful work, decrease rework and improve the efficiency of the process. In fact the quality of product increase and decrease the defect of the material during the production and after producing the product. The organization will improve the quality for products sales, which are product are able to be sold at high price within the high quality produced. From the improvement of the products which is provide reliability increases. Means that, it will improves the confident and trust of the customer also willing to pay for high price and because of this will assist the sales routes expand and gain the high profit for the organization.
  4. 4. 3 DISCUSSION QUESTION (CHAPTER 2-QUALITY THEORY) 1. Define theory. Why are theories important for managing quality in the supply chain? Theory is frequently misused. It is “coherent group of general proposition used as principles of explanation for a class of phenomena”. For example, it might have been observed that many companies that have implemented quality improvement have experienced improved worker morale. A theory will be complete, which involve four element of a theory such as; what? How? Why? Who-Where-When? A positive correlation is presented between Quality Improvement and Employee Morale. To verify the model, we conduct statistical research. This will either prove or disprove the theory. There is not a unified theory explaining quality management in the supply chain that is widely accepted by the quality community. The literature concerning quality is contradictory and somewhat confusing. The differing approaches to quality improvement represent competing philosophies that are seeking their place in the quality marketplace of theories. Practicing quality managers must apply those theories that are appropriate to their particular situations using the contingency approach. 2. Do you believe that the development of a unified theory of quality management is possible? What is a unified theory? No, it is not possible for the quality management. For example Einstein spent most of his later life searching for a unified theory in physics. He failed. Unified theories did not exist in any discipline. What is unified theory? It’s seem like not clear purpose for the quality management. The theory for quality management must not be solely persuaded by the new ideas or original thinking, but must by the reasonable result. 3. Do you agree with Deming’s believes that poor quality but resulted by poor management consultant system. Yes, I agree. It is the one of type poor quality was defined by Deming. In fact the function of management consultant are to consulting services were structured based on the goals to achieve triumph of the organization or company with management functions and process. If the management department has poor management consultant system it will affect the whole process in the organization. Increases the rate of failure occur when the management consultant did not works to help a company or organization improve its performance, gaining the profit and narrow the scope of the process as they should be.
  5. 5. 4 The organization really need the management consultant system because of it might address any specific problem or any issues that against the increases of profit, if they not able to identified the problem how come the organization can develop the solution when the problem occur. Because of this, the organization will provide the poor quality of process, products and even the employee which are low morale in the working environment. 4. Does the phrase “quality is the responsibility of the quality department” reflect a healthy perspective of quality management? Explain your answer. In my opinion, the phrase of “quality is the responsibility of the quality department” are not relevant. In new revolution for achieving the success of quality must be all functions work properly together. For example, according to the Taylor. His notes that by delegating quality to the quality manager, the line supervisors and managers could devote their own time to other matters. As they did so, they became progressively less and less informed about quality. When a quality problem develops, management lacks the expertise needed to choose a proper course of action. Mean by that, the quality is not only as the responsibility of the quality management by it is everyone’s job. It is compulsory to the workers to be responsible in taking part of apply the quality in their life. If the quality is only the responsibility of the quality department, its might not reflect a healthy perspective of quality management. People from the top manager will keep blaming the employees because of any defect in the productions.