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Furniture quality


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report for MIFF

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Furniture quality

  2. 2. 1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Praise to ALLAH the most merciful and the greatest; with permission to write the report on visiting Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) 2014 which are venue at Putra World Trade Centre and Matrade Exhibition and Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur. First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to my subject lecture Prof. Madya Said Bin Ahmad for giving us task during visiting the MIFF. By doing the multi task during visiting, it will gain our knowledge and at the same time gaining our experiences and open our eyes about the exactly furniture industries is. Thanks a lot to Mr Amran bin Shafie and Mr Ahmad Fauzi bin Awang for guiding us during the visit and giving us the knowledge and also sharing the experience. Besides, a millions thanks also to Mrs Junaiza binti Ahmad Zakiand Mrs Nur Hannani binti Abdul Latif which are involve in making this visit happen. Also thank to AS2475Aof 18 group members for giving to give the full cooperation and behave like gentlemen during the trip to MIFF 2014.
  3. 3. 2 NO. TABLE OF CONTENT PAGES 1 ACKNOWLEGDEMENT 1 2 1. INTRODUCTION 3 3 2. FURNITURE QUALITY 4 2.1 Definition 4 2.2 Personal evaluation 4 2.3 Identifying the furniture quality 5 2.4Type of furniture 5 2.4.1 Wood Furniture 5 2.4.2 Upholstered Furniture 6 2.5 Price 6 4 3. Conclusion 7 5 4. References 8
  4. 4. 3 1. INTRODUCTION Malaysian International Furniture Fair or MIFF has been organized almost for the 20 years. 1995 is the first year of MIFF show and become to Southeast Asia‟s No.1 furniture fair. Now, in MIFF 2014 provides new or different potency, energy, concepts and the importance for global suppliers and purchaser or inventors in the challenging of the market environment changes. In fact, with all improvement by the all suppliers might be strong attention or worthy of attention by their marketing through their customer. Within the different excessive ideas and design every year it will be the most waiting event for suppliers and buyers from around the world. For the information, MIFF approved by UFI which are the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, the world's leading authority on international trade exhibitions and conventions, MIFF continually strives to meet and surpass the strict high international standards(UBM Malaysia, 2014). Precisely, MIFF are strongly support by the Government and all related ministries and agencies. Besides, by involve of other 11 countries from around the world as the exhibitor will convince the foreign buyers to trust and describe the ability of Malaysian manufacturers. From the evaluation of furniture, all of it are has been evaluate by the buyers base on the furniture‟s look or design, function, quality and others. It is the important things or thought that or which are must have inside us as a buyer.
  5. 5. 4 2. FURNITURE QUALITY 2.1 Definition Furniture quality is the excellence of value that must have in the furniture. Whether in making furniture or choose the furniture for conventional used or either both. Furniture quality are measured by the design or features, safety, comfortable, performance, spaces, durability, functions and others. Furniture also might change the peoples live.(Fauzi, 2014) Precisely, furniture can impact your health, your comfort, your efficiency. As a manufacturer, we must realize that in producing furniture does not easy or simple as ABC. This realization can make the buyer who are buying furniture become a bit challenging issues. On the other hand, if we as the buyer, we want to buy furniture that fits, supports and enhances the way we live. 2.2 Personal evaluation Different individual have their own level of satisfaction, it will effect in making decision in determining the furniture quality. As saying said “it is something that people can understand but hard to explain”. From the sources(BHD, 2005), for example dining set furniture provides from A & W Furniture SDN BHD with elegance and cozy. Most of their design are upholstered especially for the chair of dining set. Some buyer may choose their furniture brand and some buyer are not interested to buy. Why it is happen? The reason is comfortability of people are measured by the suitability of the products base or followed their needed and opinion. Some buyer maybe feels that the furniture for dining room are not exactly must too comfort as a bed, too much upholstered on the chair or others. The manufacturer must consider the reality of fancy attitude of the buyers. So, from that particular things we can conclude the furniture quality from the buyers. For instance, the action from the manufacturer to play rolls as the examiner who are to evaluate interest of the buyer by doing a simple questionnaire to know the exactly statistic of the buyer needs and want during their purchasing goods or products.
  6. 6. 5 2.3 Identifying the furniture quality The value of the products consider by the buyer starting from the material used in raw until it is become into the products also follow of the component involve in furniture making. The manufacturing of the products are based on the specification and requirement. Remain the concept of “green furniture” which are for healthy user, home and planet. It is can be prove by the requirement test towards the furniture handle by Forest Research Institute Malaysia or FRIM. Plenty of testing provided by FRIM such as the furniture impact test which are to test the durability of the furniture and the formaldehyde test can be tested in their laboratory or known as Furniture Laboratory Test (FTL)(Sudin, 1998). From the major things when the buyer are satisfied with the products it can be considered as the quality products. 2.4 Types of furniture 2.4.1 Wood Furniture Purchasing furniture for the residence hall environment can be both confusing and complicated to the lay person managing a housing operation(Lyons, n.d.). Related to construction involve in the wood furniture are the joint construction. It is the main determinant of quality furniture. Whether it is construct by held with fastener such as or adhesive or both, the reason it all about quality. The best furniture quality can be determine when the joint are not be seen and realize by the customer. For example, the critical parts of the part which are involving the high load than the other such as drawer, table top, bed‟s slat and other. The critical load impact of drawers should run smoothly on glides and have stops to prevent accidentally pulling them all the way out. The best drawers have bottoms that are not affixed to the sides but „float‟ in a groove, allowing for minor expansion and contraction caused by changes in humidity and providing extra strength(J.D.Roth, 2012).
  7. 7. 6 2.4.2 Upholstered Furniture The furniture has been wrap by the cushion, fabric, leather and others. The type of upholstered furniture such sofa, ottoman chair, chair and bed is the common choice for the buyer to buy (Angie Diaz Office Furniture Co, 2013). The use of cushion which are covered or wrap to the furniture make them look attractive, comfortable and create for achieve healthy consumer or buyer. 2.5 Price Furniture price is based on the design, material used, how sturdy it is or the long lasting service life to buyers and about delivery charge for the furniture. The different brand of furniture also effect the price of furniture. There are a lots of furniture company which focus on the many type of furniture such as BSL Furniture decoration which are focus on bedroom set, same goes to Amigatech Sdn Bhd is ranging from home furniture, office furniture and conventional furniture. The material used are the one of major things that really related to form price by the supplier to buyer.
  8. 8. 7 5. CONCLUSION As the conclusion on the visiting MIFF 2014, we have seen many company on the track of the competitive race in dealing to suppliers to suppliers and suppliers to buyers. Besides, the different types of material use in furniture productions itself may conclude the buyer decision making to choose their products. Other than that, we can see the differences of design and material tend to use for the certain region and country. Why have that differences? It is because the raw material from the different region and country from difference materials. Tropical country have their hardwood and less softwood compared to the temperate country which are typically use softwood rather than hardwood. We can see the company from Malaysia itself has showed the furniture from Acacia species. Acacia Home Furnishing Sdn. Bhd, is a Malaysia based company that supplies high quality hardwood furniture. Our furniture are made of Acacia timber, a hardwood species which can be used to produce indoor and outdoor furniture(Bhd). On the other hand, furniture quality are can define base on its major needed in producing the product or furniture. The design from the different company shows their ideas, valuable creation and in sort of concept of the furniture. After look for the design, we go through to functions of furniture. At MIFF many modern concept show by the exhibitor. Modern means that the design, colour, function (multipurpose), saving space furniture and a lots of it. In the nutshell, as the student Bachelor of Science (HONS.) Furniture Technology, the MIFF 2014 giving us an idea and gaining our knowledge in producing the furniture. More than that, not only for the producing only but for finish the furniture and preserve the furniture for the long lasting services. Many technology use in the making or producing the furniture such as High Temperature Drying or HTD technology show by the company who joint vencor with FRIM.
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