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  1. 1. Group Members ID NONURUL EZZATI BT ABU HASAN D20101037500NORAZIRAH BT MOHD ARIF D20101037518NUR IZYAN BT RAZALI D20101037522
  2. 2.  ICT application have become an important part of teaching and learning. The ministry of Education has invested a huge effort in terms of funding and training to equipment teachers and students with ICT skills. In your opinion what are the issues and challenges in integrating ICT in teaching and learning in our Malaysian Schools
  3. 3. FACTS IDEAS LEARNING ISSUES ACTIONS1. ICT applications 1. Readiness of 1. What is ICT? 1. Refer to e-journal. have become an teachers in using important part of ICT applications in 2. What are the issues 2. Refer to the internet teaching and their teaching and challenges in sources learning. process. integrating ICT in teaching and 3. teacher needs to2. The Ministry of 2. With the help of ICT, learning in prepare physical n Education has teaching and Malaysian schools? spiritual. invested a huge learning will be effort in terms of more effective an 3. Is school teachers 4. Teachers have to funding and training interactive ready enough to use guide students for to equipment ICT applications in using ICT teachers and 3. The schools in rural their teaching application in students with ICT areas. process? learning process. skills. 4. Does the teaching 5. Government should and learning provide more process will be fine facilities for the with help of ICT? school in rural area.
  4. 4.  To define the terms Information and Communication Technology (ICT). To determine the issues in integrating information and communication technology (ICT) in Malaysian schools. To discuss the challenges in integrating information and communication technology (ICT) in Malaysian schools.
  5. 5.  set of technological tools and resources used to communicate, create, disseminate, store and manage information. technologies include computers, internet, broadcasting technologies and telephony.
  6. 6.  Readiness of teachers in using ICT applications in their teaching process.  teacher must be provided with the knowledge and soft skills for using the new digital tools.  problem to change the new pedagogy.  examination oriented culture and the teachers have ‘finish syllabus syndrome’.
  7. 7.  With the help of ICT, teaching and learning will be more effective and interactive. smart in selecting the information. full guidance from teachers may contribute to cyber crime
  8. 8.  The schools in rural areas  not enough facilities  students from low-socio economic background  network problems.
  9. 9.  By conducting this Problem-Based Learning (PBL), it is hoped that the key challenge of all the issues can be identified to school management and the ICT policy maker, so that any ICT program involving collaborative approach can be conducted more successfully in the future.