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Published in: Education
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  2. 2. 1. Positive degree2. Comparative degree 3. Superlative Degree
  3. 3. The boy is as old as the girlThe boy isn’t as old as the girl
  4. 4. One More than syllable one syllables Just add –er at  Add more the end of before the adjective adjective
  5. 5.  Frank  Chris Frank is younger than Chris.Frank is more intelligent than Chris.
  6. 6. One Syllable More than one syllable  Add -est  Add the most..... The fattest The most useful The most attractive The fastest The most The darkest expensive
  7. 7. Bike is the cheapest of alltransportations.The plane is the most expensive of alltransportations.
  8. 8. Note:a. When an adjective ends in a consonant +y, change the y to i and add –er or – est. happy-happier- the happiest dry-drier- the driestb. For –some,- ow, clever, quiet , simple add –er or –est handsomer - the handsomest narrower - the narrowest
  9. 9. POSITIVE COMPARATIVE SUPERLATIVEBad Worse The worstFar Farther The Farthest Further The FurthestGood Better The bestWell Better the bestLittle Less The leastmuch/many more The most