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  1. 1. ALADDIN & ALI BABA Compare & contrast By: Isabel ALADDIN & ALI BABA are two folktales that haveboth been pasted done for many years but finally AliBaba was written done but no one knows when it first began.Aladdin was also pasted down for years but then Walt Disneyclamed it and changed it from a very violent story to a” familyfriendly” story in 1992. One reason that we are comparingthese two stories is that they both are Arabian folktales & thatwe read & watched the two stories in class. There are a lot of similarities that Ali Baba & AladdinBoth share. Like that they both have caves in their folktale.There caves both hold tons of riches. In Ali Baba there aretons of gold coins. In Aladdin there are all kinds of riches likegold coins, gems, jewels, & a flying carpet, but the biggest valuewas the lamp. The thieves all what to take the riches but that is acopal of lop holes first. They both have a magical lock. In AliBaba the magical lock is a phrase, you most say “OpenSesame”. In Aladdin the cave has more than one trick to openit; you first have to find both halves of a Beatle mandolin, thenyou must find the one place in the dessert that you can place theBeatle mandolin in the sand and then the Beatle shall open the
  2. 2. cave. But that is not all you must find the one who can walk uponthe sand of the tiger cave … Aladdin. Then you have to have toavid by the only rule, never under any circumstances ever touchanything that you don’t need you can only take the lamp themost valuable thing in all of the cave. If you don’t avid by thatone rule the cave will close and you will be left to die. These folktales both have characters that are cunning,clever, & smart. In Aladdin the cunning people are PrincessJasmine as she is “cursed” by JA Fare and portends to be inlove with him. Aladdin tricks everyone but he is still is a goodcharacter. There is many more thought. Ali Baba the chartersthat were cunning were the thieves & a girl named Mogriana. In the folktales there were both thieves. In Ali Baba andthe forty thieves there are forty thieves. If there was a story inthese days if Ali Baba where to get caught with money that wasstolen from the thieves they would be charged he could have aserious problem. Morigiana killed fifty people. Where is inAladdin no one was killed. The thieves in Aladdin was PrincessJasmine because she stole an apple for a poor kid, Aladdinsteals some bread for him & his monkey, but gives it to two littlepoor kids; the biggest thieve of all was JA Fare. JA Fare stole& tried to cud mitt to murder.
  3. 3. Ali Baba & Aladdin do have a lot in common but theyhave a lot of differences too. Aladdin is a very young man butAli Baba is a very old man. Ali Baba is a very old wise man butAladdin is probably 18-25 & not as wise as Ali Baba. AliBaba most have been a wise man or would not be able to stealmoney from thugs who all ready stole it. In Aladdin there was a cave that was in the shape of a tiger& in Ali Baba there was in the shape oh a rock & was a rock.But thee is another difference between the two caves. InAladdin the tiger cave is made of sand but in Ali Baba the cavewas made of rock. Ali Baba there is forty thieves and they all die. But inAladdin no one dies. Morgiana in Ali Baba kills all of the fortythieves & the chief thief. No one dies in Aladdin but their “chiefthief” did have a consequence of being a Genie … the wholedeed of being a Genie. So now I have told you a few of the similarities &differences of both Ali Baba & Aladdin. I do per fur Aladdinover Ali Baba though. I per fur Aladdin over Ali Baba
  4. 4. because I believe that it was a better story in my opinion; butthat is just my opinion.