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Image Compression Storage Policy for Openstack Swift

Recently cloud storage has been growing rapidly, whether it is free or paid. SkyDrive, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, and other services are available for free or for a fee, with almost unlimited capacity. In addition to simply uploading data, users can easily share with others via the web via the provided DNS and URL, and because of this feature, many people simply can not share resources such as documents, Upload and use between multiple users. In recent years, AWS S3 has provided RestAPI and SDKs with a number of programming languages ​​because web developers have been unable to use Cloud Drive, which offers almost unlimited capacity as the costs of hosting and operating the server themselves increase. It is a tendency to transfer image servers and the like because they can be utilized in their web development. In this paper, we uploaded images using Swift similar to AWS S3 to these web developers, and uploaded them with the image compression. When the Cloud Drive was used as an image server, It is aimed at promotion.

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Image Compression Storage Policy for Openstack Swift

  1. 1. Final Project Image Compression Storage Policy for Openstack Swift Group 7 Ikwhan Chang / PriyaVishnu / Prashanth Iyengar Prof.Younghee Park 12-Dec 2016 1
  2. 2. Team Ikwhan Chang Class ID: 4 Student ID: 010754103 Priya Vishnu Class ID: 25 Student ID: 010739261 Prashanth Iyengar Class ID: 9 Student ID: 010711233 2 From Computer Engineering..
  3. 3. INDEX • Background • Our Approach • Project Flow • Image CompressionTechnique • Challenges • Testing • Demo • Performance • Future Scope • Q&A 3
  4. 4. Background • Why Image Compression Storage Policy? • Recently, individuals have started using cloud storage services to back up their personal files including images. • 64% percent of the website content are image types [Source: ] • Cloud platform has been used as Storage as a Service to store the web page image contents 4
  5. 5. Why Image Optimization is needed? 5 KeyCDN - 18 Tips for Website Performance Optimization Forbes - How To OptimizeYour Website's Performance And Keep Customers Happy Many expert recommend image optimization to increase web performance
  6. 6. Our Approach • Analyzed the Swift Code as our first step • Understood the swift proxy code flow • Identified the files that we need to modify to implement an additional storage policy • Identified the most suitable image compression technique • Modified the Swift code to add the new image compression policy and integrated the compression procedure • Developed a web page to demonstrate the usage of the new policy 6 _finalize_put_()
  7. 7. Image Object Upload Flow 7
  8. 8. Image Object Download Flow 8
  9. 9. Image Compression Technique • Ref: 9 • We have made use of the Pillow library to achieve image compression • It is a free Python Imaging Library (PIL) that adds image processing capabilities to the Python • PIL supports multiple image file formats • It is efficient and has many powerful features to support the manipulation of the image files
  10. 10. Challenges • Understand the swift proxy server code flow • Understand how the existing storage policy has been implemented • Understand the swift code base to identify the files that needed to be modified to implement the compression policy • Integration of the compression policy with the existing storage policy • Developing the web page to demonstrate the usage 10
  11. 11. Flow Diagram Comparison 11 Swift Proxy File Upload Zone Ring Storage Server #1
 without Image compression policy Container #2 Container #3 Container #1 Region Response:
 image1.png 500 MB 500MB curl -v -X PUT image1.png Swift Proxy File Upload Zone Ring Storage Server #1
 with Image compression policy Container #2 Container #3 Container #1 Region 125MB curl -v -X PUT image1.png Request:
 image1.png 500 MB Response:
 image1_compressed.png 125MB Request:
 image1.png 500 MB Request:
 image1.png 500 MB 500MB
  12. 12. 1.Test Upload 2. Middleware 3. Save image into Swift 
 with Compression Policy 4. Run the demo 5. Check the loading speed of resources
  13. 13. /etc/swift/swift.conf Swift stat
  14. 14. Demo 15
  15. 15. Performance 16 Reduced Size: 6.4MB -> 1011KB (-85%) Page Loading Speed: 4.85 -> 1.01 (-80%) Original (6.4MB) Reduced (1011KB)
  16. 16. Future Scope • Read the chunk file within the proxy server and compress the chunk and then send the compressed chunk to Object Server • Deduplication can be added as an enhancement to the storage policy • Support multiple/widely-used image format 17
  17. 17. References • Swift All In One development_saio.html • Swift Command Line • Adding Storage Policies to an Existing SAIO developer/swift/policies_saio.html • OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) Essentials by Amar Kapadia; SreedharVarma; Kris Rajana, Published by Packt Publishing, 2015 • Uday’s swift policy code 18
  18. 18. 19 Questions?? • Source Code • Swift: • Test Client: OpenStack_Swift_Image_Compression.git
  19. 19. Thank You 20