Modul 6 : Menggunakan masking


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Modul 6 : Menggunakan masking

  1. 1. Macromedia Flash ModuleMODULE 6: WORKING WITH MASKINGDuration : 80 minutesObjectives : Students will be able to: 1. Insert multiple layer 2. Use a masking layerContents :1. Create new Flash document file.2. Insert new layer by right clicking the "layer1".3. Write TEXT in the top layer "layer2" (click on the first frame in layer 2), and write a text“MAKTAB RENDAH SAINS MARA".4. Click on "layer1" (click on the first frame in layer 1) and draw a circle (which will be themask). Module 6 / Page 1-1
  2. 2. Macromedia Flash Module5. Right click the circle and then convert it to symbol.6. Right click at frame 20 in layer 2 to insert frame.7. Select the first frame in layer 1. Right Click the frame and then choose Create Motion Tween in pop up menu appears. Module 6 / Page 1-2
  3. 3. Macromedia Flash Module8. Right click at frame 20 in layer 1 to insert Keyframe, and then drag the circle to the right sideof the Stage.9. Right click on "layer2" where we add text and click on Mask10. Test your movie. {To test your movie, click on Control menu file and choose Test Movie or you just click ENTER}11. Save your movie file as Movie6 in your folder.12. To build up your skill, you must create a different masking animation by following the steps above. { for example: Try to mask your full name } Module 6 / Page 1-3