American Football


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American Football

  1. 1. American Football
  2. 2. Sports in the U.S.A• Sports play an important role in American society, beyond their popularity.• They are vehicles for transmitting values such as fair play, justice, and teamwork.• They have contributed to the racial and social integration, and act as a “social glue”that helps bind society together (Jackie Robinson).
  3. 3. FootballMost popular sport in the U.S. at every level:• high school• college• professionalThe most television viewers too.Whole families participate in football events 
  4. 4. How football started: Football started at a Rugby boys school in England in 1823. Princeton University students played a game called Ballown. In both games players used both their feet and hands to advance the ball.Organized football began in high schools in the early1860s. Colleges also started in the late 1860s. They played with 25 players on each team. Rutgers and Princeton played a game called football but they played it more like soccer than football
  5. 5. The Civil War and the Second Industrial Revolution (1861 to 1918)American Football• Originally the “Boston game” - was played by a group known as the Oneida Football Club. - 1863• First game – 1869 - Rutgers University faced Princeton University – Soccer rules• American football was started in 1879 with rules instituted by Walter Camp, player and coach at Yale University, known as the “Father of football”.• Walter Camp edited every American Football rulebook until his death in 1925
  6. 6. From Rugby and Soccer to American football:Walter Camp contibuted the following changes:• one side retained undisputed possession of the ball, until that side gives up the ball as a result of its own violations• the line of scrimmage – (linia poczatkowa )• 11 on a team instead of 15• created the quarter-back and center positions• forward pass• standardized the scoring system, numerical scoring• created the safety, interference, penalties, and the neutral zone• tackling as low as the knee was permitted – 1888• a touchdown increased in value to six points and field goals went down to three points – 1912
  7. 7. HOW to Play?• It’s all about Defense, Offense and YARDS• The field - 100 yards long and 53 yards wide (1 metre - about 1.0936 )• 11 players on the field from each team• Each team has 3 separate units : defense, offence and special teams that only comes in kicking situations• All progress is measured in yards, the offensive team tries as mach as it can to get closer to oponents’ end zone.• New York Giants’ trainer prepares about 100 different defenses options before the mach and players train them
  8. 8. HOW to Play?25 Players
  9. 9. HOW to Play?
  10. 10. The National Football LeagueThe NFL or the National Football League, was formed in 1920Preeminent professional sports league in the U.S.• 32 teams divided equally between two conferences.• 16 game regular season.• 12 team playoffs that culminate in a championship game
  11. 11. The Super Bowl• The Championship Game of the NFL.• Biggest annual sporting event in the U.S.• Almost as famous now for the commercials as it is for football.• 30 seconds in 2010 cost – $3.01 million
  12. 12. Fatnasy Football• A game in which players (called “owners”) draft individual players from the National Football League onto their team and score points based on their performance during a given NFL season.• Original idea - Bill Winkenbach – 1962• Due to the growth of the Internet, fantasy football has become far more popular in America today than ever before.
  13. 13. Pick MeComepetition for real players who want to be chosen for Fantasy Leauge.Commertial(film 2 )
  14. 14. The LeagueThe League is an American sitcom that premiered on FX on October 29, 2009. The series, set in Chicago, is a semi-improvised comedy about a fantasy football league, its members, and their everyday livesThe series revolves around six friends who participate in a fantasy football league. The show follows the friends, who will do anything to win, while also dealing with a variety of situations that occur in their everyday lives.
  15. 15. The Leauge
  16. 16. Lingerie Football League
  17. 17. (LFL) is a womens 7-on-7 tackle, full contact American football league, created in 2009, with games played in the fall and winter at NBA, NFL, NHL and MLS arenas and stadiums. The league was founded by Mitch Mortaza. The leagues administrative offices are in West Hollywood, California..
  18. 18. How To Play?
  19. 19. One of the most famous teams of LFL• The Dallas Desire
  20. 20. One of the most famous teams of LFL• The Los Angeles Temptation
  21. 21. Entertainment• National Football League Cheerleading, or simply NFL Cheerleading, is a professional cheerleading league in the United States. Twenty six of the 32 NFL teams include a cheerleading squad in their franchise. Cheerleaders are a popular attraction that can give a team more coverage/airtime, popular local support and increased media image. For the NFL, the Baltimore Colts were the first team in the NFL to have cheerleaders in 1954. They were also a part of the Baltimore Colts Marching Band. Currently, six NFL teams have no cheerleaders.
  22. 22. Each cheerleading group has its own history, costumes and system of recruitment
  23. 23. Marching Bands• Many College Football teams have marching bands that play during the game at football games and march on the field during halftime.• Currently two teams have marching bands in the NFL. The Washington Redskins have featured a marching band since 1938, and the Baltimore Ravens have featured a marching band since 1996
  24. 24. Marching Bands