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Jun.27 fukutomi


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Jun.27 fukutomi

  1. 1. persimmon load balancer Solution Engineering FUKUTOMI Yutaka
  2. 2. if no balancer
  3. 3. with balancer LB
  4. 4. thread LB listener server thread server thread server thread
  5. 5. server thread loop{ read from client; write to server; read from server; write to client; }
  6. 6. selector LB selector client server
  7. 7. selector loop{ select; if(accept) connect to server; if(on read) write to other; }
  8. 8. session session data
  9. 9. fool balancer LB session data NO session data !! session error !!
  10. 10. wise balancer LB session data client server A X A X Y
  11. 11. session with wise balancer LB session data for A session data for B A B X Y client server A X B Y
  12. 12. reliability LB
  13. 13. when LB down LB
  14. 14. active/standby LB LB active standby
  15. 15. normal LB LB active standby a b (x) connect to “x” Hey! I’m alive!! “active” is live. I stay as “standby”
  16. 16. when active LB is down LB LB active standby a b (x) connect to “x” no “active” is alive?
  17. 17. failover LB LB active a b (x) connect to “x” I become “active”. Hey! I’m alive!!
  18. 18. 終劇 (fin)