So What Is This Hipster Thing!?


Published on ‘s purpose is finally revealed and this is why I think it is great! Check out this presentation for screenshot, examples of questions and some of the issues i found.

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So What Is This Hipster Thing!?

  1. 1. So What Is ThisHipster Thing!? ‘s purpose is finally revealedand this is why I think it is great!
  2. 2. On March 10th, sent out an emailto those who initially signed up for the site to participate in it’s launch, specially catered to SXSW.
  3. 3. I always figured thissite would be a daily deals type site for the hipster kind. But I was wrong! (Surprisingly enough) It is a Q&A site and as Mashable has reported, VERY trendy. Did you expect anything less?
  4. 4. So what does this hipster site look like!?
  5. 5. Login using Facebook – easiest way to start! This way you will have friends and a photo in one click. We all have a community!Right now it is predeterminedas SXSW, but I predict this will be your city once it really launches. Connect your accounts with the site for ultimate hipster integration. HOME PAGE
  6. 6. “Follow” a question to get updates on answers. Location based posts – Google map included Stats and recommendations Some greatfeatures come in the details! QUESTION PAGE
  7. 7. Easy to target Follow ayour questions Location! Look out for the experts! (a new bragging right)There is a locationtargeting element mixed in! LOCATION PAGE
  8. 8. The options on what you can “follow” are what make the site involved and more community focused. I’m pretty sure these are the 6 people that work at and the site auto- adds them to your account but still, they ask and answer great questions!ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT PAGE
  9. 9. So why do I like thishipster site?
  10. 10. Hipster or not, this site has The site is fun potential! Building an and navigates online community around your actually community is well!Patch, 4Square all amazing! There is alwaysshow we want our online to zero in something going on and on our local bubble. questions post often. You can waste time in it, easily. For proof ppl like to waste time #seeyoutube I can see the “Expect” title holding the same power as the Mayor badge …and I can see (for good or for bad) Category following Neighborhood and options really being important to fans.
  11. 11. OK be honest, what are the issues withbeing a hipster?
  12. 12. This error page is pretty funny the first 3 times,but after 4th or 5th it gets ANNOYING! Needless to say there are a few hiccups – mostly with connecting accounts and managing some of the follows.
  13. 13. Look for me! And twitter if you like! @YannaBeau