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Location Based Social Media Presentation

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  • Should you include it in your marketing strategy?
    How can other businesses benefit from the advertising/market intelligence opportunities that LBSs can provide?
    Who checked-in here today?
  • 2010 Location Based Social Media

    1. 1. Location-Based Social Media
    2. 2. What’s all the Hype?
    3. 3. What’s all the Hype? Location-Based Services (LBS) are not new! What’s new is the cross-roads between Social Media based communication and the GPS technologies providing a range of new & interesting possibilities on how people can engage with one another
    4. 4. What’s good in it? • Creates an opportunity for brands to connect with a variety of different users in ways which were difficult if not impossible before. • Offers what marketers seek most! An engaged user base that wants to broadcast their experience with your brand on the various Social Networks. • Combines Social Media, mobile networking and GPS, to offer unique marketing opportunities for businesses.
    5. 5. A successful LBSM needs: Factors for a successful LBSM application: • Mature Social Media usage. • Brands to understand the benefit of Location Based marketing offers. • Integration with existing Social Media platforms. • Availability of 3G networks + GPS enabled handsets. * 2010 figures, Source: Proximity Singapore * 2010 figures, Source: Proximity Singapore
    6. 6. Social Check-in Applications • There are over a 100 LBS applications out there, but only two platforms currently dominated this space – Foursquare & Gowalla. • At their core, they are very similar and both provide users gameplay aspects in the form of “badges” or “pins” collection which then translate into “mayorships” or “founders”. • To date, Foursquare & Gowalla have enjoyed the most mainstream success in the US and Western European markets with an increasing adoption in Europe, Asia and Australia. What about MENA?
    7. 7. Social Check-in Applications • The space is not limited to these two! Twitter, Facebook & Google now all include their own location based features and capabilities. • The entry of these big players has brought an increased awareness and adoption to LBS by less tech-savvy users.
    8. 8. Social Check-in Applications
    9. 9. Brands in Action Nike True City niketruecity.com • Has It’s own LBS. • Provides info on various European cities, by “Nike Expects”. • Engages users by allowing them to update content. • Combines social elements with current mobile technology. • Utilizes QR codes to unlock secrets around the city. • Providing info about new product launches and events. • Driven by incentives. • All content can be shared via Facebook. “Gives you the Insider lowdown on Nike events, products & locations. Put your own places and happenings on the map and share them.”
    10. 10. Brands in Action EpicMix www.snow.com/epicmix/ • Has it’s own LBS, runs on RFID technology. • Tracks physical activities automatically. • Rewards special achievements. • Delivers a terrific user experience. • Drive loyalty and engagement. • Find friends on the mountain in real-time. • Content sharing via Facebook & Twitter. “Epic Mix is a new program exclusive to Vail Resorts group and includes smart phone applications, tracking devices, and more to track visitors activities on the slopes.”
    11. 11. Brands in Action Shopkick shopkick.com • Location-based shopping. • Walk in and collect automatically, no need to check-in. • Combines social elements with current mobile technology. • Utilizes in-store mobile coupons. • Driven by monetary incentives. • Integrated with Facebook. “Location-based shopping app and rewards platform, and a geo-coupon system. Walk in for your chance to WIN!”
    12. 12. Brands in Action Foursquare based applications: • Starbucks Offers Nationwide Mayor Special - Starbucks extends local store mayor specials to all it’s stores with a single $1 frappuchino coupon for any Starbucks mayor at any Starbucks. Why It Is Unique: First national mayor special • The History Channel Sprinkles Historical Facts All Over – The History Channel created tips on Foursquare that share historically significant facts with users when they check into a location of note, for instance the first building that bought an Otis elevator. Why It Is Unique: Providing brand and location relevant content to promote the launch of a new television series • Harvard Fully Embraces Location – Harvard encouraged students to rate campus venues, share tips, and work to earn the Harvard Yard badge by checking in to a certain numbers of locations. They also left tips at locations on and off campus for students and visitors alike to explore. Why It Is Unique: First University to offer a badge, encourage ratings, and leave tips
    13. 13. Brands in Action Gowalla based applications: • Airport Rides with Chevy and Gowalla – Chevy and Gowalla partnered up at SXSW 2010 in Austin, TX to give users that checked in when they arrived at the airport, free Chevy car service downtown to their hotels. Why It Is Unique: Created an immediate and surprise real world service opportunity • National Geographic Expand Trips Feature – Gowalla expanded it’s trips feature and launched the new beefed up feature with some big partners. “The National Geographic branded Gowalla Trips include 15 walking tours to explore destinations like the Seine in Paris, the Avenue of the Arts in Philadelphia and San Diego’s Balboa Park. Why It Is Unique: Bigger and better long term interaction with brand
    14. 14. summary slide Iyad Tibi Search & Social Media Director – LBi Follow me @iyadtb iyad.tibi@lbi.com