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OmniChannel Retail


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Retailers need to understand how to target customers in the right way and customers need retailers to understand them and offer them something at value all the time. OmniChannel retailing is the ultimate solution for retailer to connect with their customers and provide them with outstanding customized experience.

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OmniChannel Retail

  1. 1. OmniChannel Retail Iyad  Mourtada,  CMA,  CIA,  CFE,  CPLP  
  2. 2. Reinven7ng  Retail  
  3. 3. Be  close  to  your  customers    through  all  the  channels      
  4. 4. Source:  Forrester  Research  (US  Retailers)  
  5. 5. Trends!•  More  Personalized  Shopping  Experience  •  Product  Availability  Through  any  Channel  •  Digital  Informa7on  about  the  products  (Descrip7ons,  Reviews,       photos,  videos)  •  Glocaliza7on  (Customers  can  order  from  anywhere  to  anywhere)    •  Easy,  Fun,  Fast  Shopping  Experience    •  BeMer  Quality  and  Lower  price    •  Price  Transparency  and  Guarantees  
  6. 6. The  Value  of  a  buying  the  Book   --- Benefit = $20!Buyer   Value   --- Price = $15!Seller   Margin   --- Cost = $5!
  7. 7. Discount  the  Price   --- Benefit = $20!Buyer   Value   --- Price = $10!Seller   Margin   --- Cost = $2!
  8. 8. Enhance  the  Offer   --- Benefit = $25!Buyer   Value   -­‐   Free  WIFI   --- Price = $15! -­‐   BeMer  Service   -­‐   Relaxing  Music  Seller   Margin   -­‐   No  Wai7ng  lines   --- Cost = $5!
  9. 9. Harvard  Business  Review  Magazine,  December  2011  
  10. 10. •  Digital  Informa@on  is  influencing  more  than   50%  of  our  purchases  •  All  the  informa@on  are  available  for   customers  (Price,  Features,  Reviews)  •  So  even  if  you  don’t  sell  online  you  need  to   use  online  marke@ng  channels  to  bring   customers  to  your  stores      
  11. 11. Tradi7onal  Mall   Virtual  Mall   Five-­‐year  average  ROI  (17%)  vs.  discount  &  department  stores  (6.5%)  
  12. 12. CRM  System  to  identify  your  customers,    their  shopping  habits  and  preferences  
  13. 13. Creating  the  right  NEXT  BEST  OFFER   Harvard  Business  Review  Magazine,  December  2011  
  14. 14. Integrate  Online  Channels,  Mobile  Channels,  and  Social  Media  Channels  with  your  existing   retail  channels  to  create  value  
  15. 15. Shopping  should  be  an  experience  
  16. 16. Hire  the  right  talents  to  help  you  develop  your  digital  retailing  in  the  store  and  online      
  17. 17. Provide  customers  with  access  to  all  the   information  and  data  that  you  have  
  18. 18.