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Do you know what you buy?


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Just as the supermarket‘s presentation of grocery varies in different ways, so you, as the consumer, can focus different aspects of your shopping, too: Do you watch the price or even the composition or the origin of food products? Can we rely on the given product specifications? We dived into a supermarket trolley to collect facts about groceries for a comparison of similarities as well as differences. This graphic informs about some hidden product details you may haven't known so far.

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Do you know what you buy?

  1. 1. Do you know what you buy? Comparison of groceries On shelves of supermarkets varieties of products from different manufacturers pile up. But does their enigmatic packaging deliver everything it promises? And what information about the content, origin and production dosen‘t get divulged? We will show you the tricks of manufacturers and things you can pay better attention to on your next shopping. All data and charts refer to the german market. 01 Homemade and low-priced No time to cook something yourself? Though it sometimes saves at double time half the price. Mashed potatoes (500g) Ingredients: Potatoes, Vegetable fat, Skimmed milk powder, Table salt, Milk sugar, Emulisfier monoand diglycerides of fatty acids, Milk protein, Flavour (with milk), Antioxidant, Ascorbyl palmitate Ready meal Homemade 15 min 30 min 0,54 € 1,39 € Strawberry yoghurt (150g) 10 min 3 sec 0,49 € 0,34 € 02 Ingredients: Yoghurt mild, 20 % strawberry preparation (with strawberries, beetroot juice concentrate, flavour), Sugar, Glucosefructose-syrup Daily consumption covered Not everything that tastes good is also healthy, and most notably often too much! One snack can already cover a significant proportion of the entire daily consumption, as our comparison shows. Crisps 175 g Daily consumption fat: 82,5 g* Apple juice 1 litre Daily consumption carbs: 330 g* carbohydrates in sugar: 105 g Edible fat in crisps: 61 g * referred to a 30 years old man, 79kg, 1,78m, mostly sitting activity 03 Sold air The pufferfish inflates if threatened in order to escape predators. In contrast some groceries fluff up especially for you in order to pique your interest. But what remains is nothing but air. Knorr Penne with broccoli (146g) Nimm2 Lolly (80g) GUT BIO Fruit yoghurt (150g) 60 % air 90 % air 27 % air 40 % penne pasta 10 % lollies 73 % yoghurt 04 Same meat, different price In January 2013 a testing laboratory in Braunschweig examined different price levels of mincemeat at Edeka on behalf of ARD. The quality differences were so little that the conclusion was: It all originates from the same production. Mincemeat (per 500g) Organic Meat counter Discount price % 05 2,29 € 4,98 € 2,99 € Brands more expensive than no-name Discount product or brand product? One or another wouldn‘t ask himself this question anymore, if he knew what brand producers lurk in fact behind some „no-name products“. And thus even the very same ingredients. Golden Toast Lieken AG Grafschafter Buttertoast LIDL 0,55 € (46 %) 1,19 € Frosta frozen paella Gut und Günstig Paella EDEKA Frosta AG 1,59 € (63 %) 2,49 € 06 Far, further, southern fruit Thanks to globalization, you can enjoy strawberries in winter. Yet they also come in midsummer from overseas. Below is an overview of the different itineraries and footprints of individual products refered to the german market. Strawberrys JAN FEB MÄR APR MAI JUN JUL AUG SEP OKT NOV DEZ 10.000 km 5.000 Spain, Israel Spain, Morocco, Israel Italy, Spain, Morocco Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain Germany, Belgium, Netherlands USA Belgium, Netherlands Israel Potatoes Avocados ≤ 3.200 km ≤ 9.800 km Sugar (Beet) Apples (Cox Orange) ≤ 400 km ≤ 18.600 km Quellen:übe BROUGHT TO YOU BY 2013