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Innovative Technical Decisions LLC (ITR LLC) - Engineering systems


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ITR is a company that delivers end-to-end projects in manufacturing, engineering systems (and networks), energy monitoring. We can do consulting, design and delivery of projects. Among the systems that we deliver are: ventillation , heating, water supply systems, electricity supply systems, automation of the mentioned, creation of dispatch and monitoring centres.

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Innovative Technical Decisions LLC (ITR LLC) - Engineering systems

  1. 1. Automation of engineering and production systems +38067 408 6126
  2. 2.  ITR was established in 2010  The company carries out activities in two directions: – Engineering for industrial sectors – Development and manufacturing of means of automation (Hardware and software)  Our company has clients in such diverse industries as: – IT&Telecom: Ukrtelecom, Volia-cable – Energy: DTEK, Kyivvodokanal – Automotive: Spectrum Express Inc – Agrisector: Nasha Ryaba, Schedry Urozhai, Gavrylivski Kurchata – Luxury: Sanahunt – Retail: Lvivkholod – Manufacturing: ZHZMK, Ferolit, Kraft Deckensysteme Ukraine – Public utility 1 Facts about company Our company is a member of association of industrial automation of Ukraine +38067 408 6126
  3. 3. Fields of deployment2  Examples of deployments of our products and solutions: – IT&Telecommunications: monitoring and dispatching of telecom facilities, electric management of server equipment, freecooling for server rooms – Metal processing: management of direct current motors, soft start appliances – Public utility: dispatching of facilities, data collection from sensors and meters, energy management, automated control of climatic installations (heating, ventillation, air-conditioning, water supply and sewerage) – Agrisector and meat processing: automated control of technological processes in animal farming, automated control of climatic processes, dryers, subsystems of elevators – Retail: dispatch and control of climatic systems, energy monitoring and management – Manufacturing: automation of technological lines – Security: access control systems  The mentioned deployments majorly consisted of and/or incorporated our software and/or hardware +38067 408 6126
  4. 4. Ventillation  ITR accomplished projects of designing, constructing and automating of ventillation systems – For server and technological rooms – Farm sites for poultry – For medical premises  Our firm can complete such projects turnkey  We are ready to run all the phases of such projects: – Design phase – Construction and automation – Commissioning – Development of an energy-efficient plan 3 +38067 408 6126
  5. 5. Water pump systems  Water pump systems that we put in operation: – Allow for effective operation in a cascade scenario, and for reservoirs – including control of filling and regulation of valves and flaps – Can sustain uninterruptable supply of water according to technology requirements and depending on consumption schedule of various users – Ensure proper accounting  Information and parameters from control boxes that manage the pumps can be sent to a centralised enterprise system that executes control over all engineering systems  We can setup scenarios where there are technical means that allow to perform remote semi-manual control 4 +38067 408 6126
  6. 6. Heating and hot water supply  ITR creates heating systems and systems of hot water supply that: – Allow to setup weather-dependent automation scenarios – Enable the house holder to setup distinct climatic parameters for different rooms and/or premises – Allow to setup calendar-based climatic scenarios – Enable the capability to do accounting of resources  We can offer you a system that will switch between water boilers on distinct fuel types depending on custom criteria  ITR is ready to offer you a combined heating and ventillation system, including recuperation capabilities, when your company needs to have both systems at one location 5 +38067 408 6126
  7. 7. Electricity  ITR is able to offer you assembling and mounting of electric control boxes for various loads  Where this is required, we are ready to undergo the approval of design projects with electricity suppliers  ITR has the technology to build a network for data collection from electricity meters – Technologic accounting of electricity can be established down to every production facility so that energy efficiency programmes can be deployed afterwards  Thanks to the solutions of our company energy officers can use the measurement and analytics tools to evaluate and predict the amounts of energy resources that his company has to contract from the energy supplier for the next period 6 +38067 408 6126
  8. 8. Automation of production lines  ITR is an expert in automation of production and so is capable of offering full automation of technological processes  During the design phase we consider the particulars of possible extreme situations, and also we develop neat functional HMI (human-machine) interfaces  To collect information, visualise, work with statistics, build trends, and perform entering of technological parameters, ITR can deploy manufacturing SCADA systems  Automation of production lines can be performed in steps, following the schedule of substituting of manual work 7 +38067 408 6126
  9. 9. Dispatching  Our company is able to build a centralised dispatch centre – this place receives current information from all facilities, engineering systems, technological nodes, where it is visualised for analysis and decision making.  We have experience of organising dispatch centres of different scales – from a tiny firm to country-size systems.  Data received by the dispatch system, can be further converted into suitable formats and passed up to higher order enterprise systems (such as ERP systems of enterprise level). 8 +38067 408 6126