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Enginering systems, automation, dispatch


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Automation of technological processes, deployment of a centralised multi-tier dispatch panel, that can be separated into regions and branches. Deployment in steps. Lifecycle management for the system.

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Enginering systems, automation, dispatch

  1. 1. +380 44 451 87 42 Engineering systems. Automation. Dispatch
  2. 2. Company profile Innovative Technical Decisions +38044 451 87 42 Automation systems Dispatch solutions Engineering networks & systems
  3. 3.  Deep complex automation of technological processes at your locations  Expertise in building effective dispatch systems for engineering networks at client facilities  Own production of means of automation (hardware) and software  Ability to produce custom integration modules for a wide variety of hardware and software and to make them available for automation scenarios  Flexibility of solutions is a focal aim in our business  We maintain tight relationships with our customers Innovative Technical Decisions +38044 451 87 42 Our advantages
  4. 4. To be able to reach high reliability points we do the following: • Deep analysis of technological processes and determining of elements where automation will increase reliability: • We’ll find where turning manual or semi-manual activities into automatic handling will contribute to robustness • We’ll make it possible to perform multifactor analysis based on rich data from controlled systems, which in turn will let you detect possible causes for problems before they appear Innovative Technical Decisions +38044 451 87 42 Reaching high reliability points
  5. 5. Next steps will contribute to increasing the overall efficiency of consumption of energy resources: 1. To determine, what resources are consumed and are under your control 2. To define the factors that either immediately or indirectly influence the order and volume of consumed resources 3. Based on the mentioned above: To find the points of max effectiveness, where automation of processes will make you achieve more paying less for consumed energy resources Innovative Technical Decisions +38044 451 87 42 Increasing energy efficiency
  6. 6. 1. In dispatch: to determine which functions at remote premises can be concentrated in the dispatch centre and free up human resources at facilities 2. In cooling and air-conditioning: to use outside air temperature for cooling of premises instead of air conditioning 3. In heating: to define hours when temperatures kept at premises can be lowered down 4. In access control: to determine which personnel can visit areas of interest, what they can manipulate and when they must leave Innovative Technical Decisions +38044 451 87 42 Examples
  7. 7. The automation system is comprised of two parts: The hardware means of control Centralised dispatch centre software Innovative Technical Decisions +38044 451 87 42 Base system elements
  8. 8. The means of automation perform the following tasks: • Collection of quantitative and qualitative parameters (also including the measurements from utility meters) • Automatic control of equipment at locations according to the set program • Transmitting of collected data to the dispatch centre and applying of commands coming from there Innovative Technical Decisions +38044 451 87 42 Infrastructure of means of automation
  9. 9. Centralised dispatch software allows you to: • Have a web-based multi-operator system, that incorporates the capability of limiting access rights according to the structure of organisation (for example, centre -> microregion -> branch) • Collect and store data from locations, sort it up, visualise and produce automatic reports. Have general alarm panel for the whole system and per-operator alarm queues and cases • Perform automatic notification of the concerned parties depending on the situation and the structure of organisation • Make data adaptations and transmit data to higher order systems in automatic mode • Work with the system on phones and tablets Innovative Technical Decisions +38044 451 87 42 Centralised dispatch software
  10. 10. Deployment of a multi-level system is a complex process: • The deployment is made in steps: requirements tend to rise, the best practice is to start with realistic list of requirements and then to increase functionality • When new requirements show up, analysis of additional sources of data is performed and new reports sketched • The bigger the system becomes, the more parties get involved, the more security concerns and requirements for interconnects come in focus We are ready to be with you at every step to provide with the necessary level of service and support! Innovative Technical Decisions +38044 451 87 42 Lifecycle management
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention! Innovative Technical Decisions +38044 451 87 42