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IXACT Contact Overview Presentation


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This presentations provides a concise overview of the IXACT Contact® real estate contact management and marketing system.

IXACT Contact® is an easy-to-use web-based real estate CRM system that helps REALTORS® build lasting relationships with past clients, hot prospects and important referral sources. IXACT Contact makes it easy to maintain full contact profiles and to stay in touch with clients in a way that’s personalized, relevant and timely. With IXACT Contact, real estate agents can convert more leads into listings and attract more referrals and repeat business. Real estate sales and real estate prospecting become easy. Real estate marketing is also a snap with IXACT Contact’s personalized mass email, drip marketing, and Email Campaign Reporting features. The Active Business side of the system helps REALTORS® keep control of transactions by managing all the to-do’s associated with listings and buyers. Sign up for a free 5-week trial today at

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IXACT Contact Overview Presentation

  1. 1. Real Estate CRM and Marketing Made Easy
  2. 2. Objectives  Explain what a CRM is and how it can help you.  Share with you why it’s so important that you use a real estate CRM such as IXACT Contact.  Introduce you to IXACT Contact’s real estate CRM.  Explain how to get IXACT Contact and how to start putting the system to use in your business.
  3. 3. What Exactly is a CRM?  A CRM system is a Customer Relationship Management system.  Also known as a contact management system or a database.  A CRM helps you to do 3 KEY THINGS:  Keep in touch with past clients, hot prospects, and key referral sources.  Convert leads into listings.  Manage all your tasks & appointments.  Bottom Line: A CRM helps you build a Referrals-Based Business!!!
  4. 4. What is a Real Estate CRM?  A real estate CRM is a CRM that’s designed specifically for the needs of Realtors and includes:  An Active Business area for managing all your buyers, listings, and closings.  A library of pre-written real estate specific email and letter templates.  Automated drip marketing plans for different categories of buyer and seller prospects.  A professionally designed and written monthly e-Newsletter that positions you as the expert in real estate and makes it easy to keep in touch with everyone in your database.
  5. 5. Successful REALTORS® use a real estate CRM! According to a recent study by ActiveRain called “Rich Real Estate Agent, Poor Real Estate Agent”:  Using a real estate CRM was found to be KEY to the success of the top performing agents.  Email marketing – particularly use of a monthly e-Newsletter – was also integral to their success. *** Rich agents are TWICE as likely as poor agents to be using a real estate CRM. ***
  6. 6. Your CRM is KEY to building a referrals-based business From NAR’s most recent Home Seller Profile study: 1. Most people find their Realtor through a referral or used the agent they worked with previously – 3 TIMES the number who found their agent from ALL OTHER forms of agent advertising. 2. 85% of homeowners would use the same agent again or recommend the agent to others – yet less than 25% actually do. AND WHY IS THAT???...
  7. 7. Your CRM is KEY to building a referrals-based business …because they’ve FORGOTTEN THE NAME of their previous agent! …AND WHOSE FAULT IS THAT???... BOTTOM LINE: A real estate CRM helps you keep in touch and stay top of mind with past clients & important referral sources. 85% would definitely or probably reuse or recommend you
  8. 8. Other Benefits of Using a Real Estate CRM  Never again feel uncomfortable calling past clients because you don’t know what to talk about.  Be able to earn a six-figure income while still having a life!  Build a true business that you can sell to fund your retirement.
  9. 9. What’s this about “selling my business”? Let’s do some math… Let’s assume you do a great job keeping in touch with a becoming the “preferred REALTOR” for just 50 people in your database (your “A List”). And if we assume that each of those 50 people moves only once in 10 years and uses your services on both ends. And if we assume they give you just ONE referral every year, and you close 3 of those 10 referrals. And if we assume that your average commission is $5,000. Then those 50 contacts will provide you with $1,250,000 in commission income over a 10 year period.
  10. 10. $1,250,000 over 10 years! Do you think it’s worth keeping in touch with people? Do you think your “book of business” – your database/CRM – and the relationships it represents could be an asset that someone entering the business might be interested in acquiring??? Lawyers do it, Financial Advisors do it, REALTORS are starting to do it…
  11. 11. Agent Experiences – 1 “I believe that IXACT Contact has helped me double my business to almost $200,000 this year. The system is simply amazing!” Dennis Paradis RE/MAX Hallmark "I am new to IXACT Contact and the first time my clients were contacted using the system I had 3 calls. This real estate CRM really works!" Connie O'Shell Coldwell Banker Trinity Realty Inc.
  12. 12. Agent Experiences – 2 "The newsletter is outstanding and every time it is sent out, I get at least one inquiry from someone I hadn't connected with which has led to contracts! The newsletter is well written and I can see exactly which prospects open it." Mary Wible Peak Swirles and Cavallito Properties "I never forget a birthday, anniversary or any special event ever again! I love IXACT Contact! Having this system is like having an assistant!" Birgit Dugan Coldwell Banker Professional
  13. 13. Agent Experiences – 3 "I love IXACT Contact! In less than one month I got 2 referrals that resulted in listings. I used to have trouble keeping in touch with folks over time, but not any more with IXACT Contact." Robert Kron Madeline Island Realty "I love IXACT Contact! It's like having a very expensive admin help me. Emails go out on schedule and buyers love the reminders. The best part is the system's ability to drive off of the contract and closing dates, which not all will do. And it's easy to set up." Josette Skilling Keller Williams Capital Properties
  14. 14. Agent Experiences – 4 “With IXACT Contact I’m communicating with my clients better and I’m getting more business from my database. I’m probably making between $50,000 and $75,000 a year more than I was before.” Scott Cooper Keller Williams Experience Realty “IXACT Contact offers an affordable program for keeping in touch with our clients and contacts in a strategic way. The system helped us increase our business by over 100% in the 2 years we’ve been using it.” Keith Roy Macdonald Realty Ltd.
  15. 15. Why You Need a CRM for Your Business – Tom Ferry  Only 30% of agents have one, and only 21% of agents earn more than $100,000  Coincidence? I think not!  One of consumers biggest complaints about Realtors is “Lack of communication!”  All the $$$ is in the follow-up!  Over 80% of consumers LOVE their agent, but only 12% ever refer that agent or use them again.  Why? Because they can’t remember the agent’s name!!!  At the end of their career, the average agent just fades away.  Smart agents SELL their book of business – their database/CRM!
  16. 16. What Is IXACT Contact? Real Estate CRM & Marketing Made Easy THREE SYSTEMS IN ONE: 1. A comprehensive REAL ESTATE CRM 2. A powerful EMAIL MARKETING PLATFORM 3. A MONTHLY E-NEWSLETTER, complete and ready to send  All for just $34.95 per month  AFTER 5-week FREE Trial!  All simple to learn and easy to use!  All integrated into a single low-cost solution!
  17. 17. What Else Makes IXACT Contact Different?  Smartphone wireless sync – iPhone, Android, BlackBerry  100% Mac and iPad compatible!  Syncs with Outlook, Mac Address Book & iCal  Email Campaign Reporting  Automated website lead capture and nurture campaign assignment  Great solution for people working in TEAMS
  18. 18. What Else Makes IXACT Contact Different?  Unmatched onboarding and support services  All FREE of charge! • We upload your data for you • We set up your email header and signature • We set up your monthly e-Newsletter • We help you set up your automated website lead capture • We provide unlimited phone support Mon-Fri, 9:00am-8:00pm EST  Rookie REALTOR Program • Rookies get SIX MONTHS FREE!
  19. 19. Where’s the Proof? Fastest growing real estate CRM worldwide. Highest rated real estate CRM: Endorsed by leading RE coaches and trainers. Hundreds of client testimonials:
  20. 20. Who Uses IXACT Contact?  Successful Realtors at these and many other companies:
  21. 21. Who Endorses IXACT Contact?
  22. 22. How does IXACT Contact help me? The system helps you to build a referrals based business:  Build lasting relationships with past clients and important referral sources  Generate high quality new leads and expand your Sphere of Influence  Manage all your transactions in an organized fashion as you grow  First viable alternative to Top Producer
  23. 23. You Won’t Find Better Value!!!  World class real estate CRM $30-50  Professionally designed and written monthly e-Newsletter $25-50  Email marketing platform with Campaign Reporting $15-30  Library of email and letter marketing templates ????? TOTAL VALUE $70-130/mo YOU PAY JUST $34.95/mo
  24. 24. How do I get IXACT Contact? Sign up Now for your 35-day FREE Trial at: Questions? 1.866.665.0018