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Looking to the Future


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Slides for closing talk at IWMW 2019

Published in: Education
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Looking to the Future

  1. 1. IWMW 2019: Times They Are A-Changin’! Session 7: Strategic Thinking Chair Andrew Millar Event hashtag: #iwmw19 #p15 University of Greenwich, 25-27 June 2019 #P15: Looking to the Future Brian Kelly and Claire Gibbons Note: This session is being live-streamed and a recording will be published. Day 3, Thursday 27 June 2019 Online feedback URL: Code: #iwmw19
  2. 2. Things to Discuss "The sustainability of professional development for those working in institutional digital teams" • Reflections on “Developing Communities of Practice” • Last year’s aim of supporting regional groups – what happened? • Beyond the event: – IWMW blog – shared resource for community? – @iwmw – do we continue tweeting after event? – Governance of blog & @iwmw • Scale, scope and sustainability of IWMW • Role of IWMW Oversight Group • Looking to IWMW‘s 25th anniversary! 2
  3. 3. Many thanks to • The speakers: (45 of them – largest numbers ever!) • The sponsors – helped to fund the event, including developments to the delegate experience • The advisory group – for helping plan developments to the event and helping run (literally in Lauren’s case) aspects of the event • The event amplifiers, Kirsty and Rich, for the live video streaming and the tweets • The official cartoonist! • The University of Greenwich digital team • The delegates for attending, participating & sharing 3