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IWMW 2004: LSE for You: From Innovation to Realism and Beyond

Slides for plenary talk on "LSE for You: From Innovation to Realism and Beyond" given at the IWMW 2004 event held at the University of Birmingham on 27-29 July 2004.


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IWMW 2004: LSE for You: From Innovation to Realism and Beyond

  1. 1. 1 LSE for You : From Innovation to Realism and Beyond Stephen Bulley Head of MIS London School of Economics July 28th 2004 IWMW 2004
  2. 2. 2       IWMW 2004 Introduction  The abstract – what it means How to innovate on a small scale from an idea How to spread the word Coping with growth and expectation Sharing with peer institutions Consolidation and shared vision internally How to expand, improve and innovate further
  3. 3. 3       IWMW 2004 Innovation and Spreading the Word  Think big – start small  Online module choice – the bait  The initial rewards
  4. 4. 4       IWMW 2004 A Note About Funding  Creativity with minimal budget In-house knowledge of Java Research project on Headline Oracle campus licence In-house Oracle skills and knowledge of current packaged software data structures Use of open source and standards-based software Minimal server infrastructure needed for small-scale introduction
  5. 5. 5       IWMW 2004 Coping with Growth and Expectation  Join forces  Build on the standards-based technologies to take advantage of improvements there  Exploit the flexibility of such systems by delivering different types of application from a wider workforce  Strengthen the server set-up (funding needed based on demonstrable success of module choice)
  6. 6. 6       IWMW 2004 Sharing Information with Peers  Thanks to Bristol and Nottingham  Site visits
  7. 7. 7       IWMW 2004 Consolidation – Climbing the Slope  Diminishing returns with current structure  Internal awareness  Ownership of data and/or resources  Short-term ROI versus the need for innovation
  8. 8. 8       IWMW 2004 Improving Now and the Future  Re-assessing commercial (or packaged) options  Widening the available applications  Reaching out to the wider community  Customisation  Open source  …and beyond
  9. 9. 9       IWMW 2004 & Q U E S T I O N SQ U E S T I O N S A N S W E R SA N S W E R S
  10. 10. 9       IWMW 2004 & Q U E S T I O N SQ U E S T I O N S A N S W E R SA N S W E R S