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IWMW 2003 b4 QA for web sites (2 - What can go wrong?)


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Slides (2 – What can go wrong?) used in workshop session B4 on "Catching Mistakes: QA for your Web site" at the IWMW 2003 event held at the University of Kent on 11-13 June 2003.


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IWMW 2003 b4 QA for web sites (2 - What can go wrong?)

  1. 1. QA Focus – Supporting JISC's What can go Wrong with your Web site? Marieke Guy UKOLN
  2. 2. QA Focus – Supporting JISC's Technical • Server load – too many hits on the site • Client side performance – too long to download • Security isn’t working • Browser incompatibility • HTML or CSS doesn’t validate • Scripts don’t work – CGI programs, applets, JavaScript, ActiveX etc. • Forms don’t work • Database doesn’t work • Search broken
  3. 3. QA Focus – Supporting JISC's Non-Technical • Broken email • Broken links • Not accessible to those with disabilities – bad design
  4. 4. QA Focus – Supporting JISC's Content • Content out of date • Spelling mistakes • Content badly written or inappropriate for users • Graphics missing or too large • Users can’t find what they need • No search facility • No metadata, incorrect metadata, metadata stored in incorrect or non- compliant format
  5. 5. QA Focus – Supporting JISC's Other Issues • Domain names – should be memorable, meaningful, unique, easy to type. Shouldn’t be lengthy, complex, unpronounceable • Interface – navigation, link colour – should be intuitive, offer choice, use predictive logic, not be obstructive, bear in mind common behaviour, be appropriate • Lack of technical expertise to implement solutions
  6. 6. QA Focus – Supporting JISC's Questions Any questions?
  7. 7. QA Focus – Supporting JISC's Questions Any questions?