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IWMW 2002: Knowledge Based Web Sites: A Preliminary Investigation

Plenary talk on “Knowledge Based Web Sites: A Preliminary Investigation” given by Bill Nisen at the IWMW 2002 event.


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IWMW 2002: Knowledge Based Web Sites: A Preliminary Investigation

  1. 1. Knowledge and … Preparing the Web for Human Use WG Nisen, E-Institute 19 June 2002
  2. 2. The Challenges  Sensory  Intellectual  Knowledge  Imagination
  3. 3. The Sensory Challenge  How would you use the Web without…  Eyes  Hands
  4. 4. The Intellectual Challenge  Input  Efficiency (retrieve, repurpose, re-use)  Intelligence (XML and variations on the theme)  Information absorption and analysis  Design, Design, Design  Context  Empathy  Display  Clarity  Aesthetics/Emotion
  5. 5. Knowledge  What is knowledge?  More than information  Explicit and tacit  Is it strictly human?  Is this not what we want from our Web experience?
  6. 6. Challenging the Imagination It is harder than it looks…  Huge age range  Pretty even gender split  Cultural issues  Human and agents  Changing international legal climate  No tethers  New technology
  7. 7. Incorporating Knowledge  Hot Spots  Audience  Target or die (control for cultural, age and gender)  More to do in less time  Aesthetics are more important than ever  Empathy  What about non-humans?
  8. 8. Incorporating Knowledge (cont.)  Hot Spots (cont.)  Available information  Information and knowledge are inseparable  The right information will substantially contribute to a knowledge-based web experience  One person’s information is another person’s data  Information and timeliness have been inversely correlated  Strive for the right information in the right format at the right time
  9. 9. Incorporating Knowledge  Hot Spots (cont.)  Available technology  Hardware will continue to get better/faster  Communications will get better faster  Keep your eye on 4G  Pervasiveness will become the reality  Software is the battle ground  Google and others have set the bar
  10. 10. Current State of Play In 2002, customerinteraction management strategies will require e-channel integration with CRMservice applications and customerinteraction centerworkflow infrastructure. Through 2003, customerself-service knowledge bases will challenge organizations with new maintenance processes and integration with agent- facing applications. By 2004, companies seeking customerservice superiority will add cross-channel knowledge bases and escalation capabilities. The Meta Group 30 May 2002
  11. 11. New Future  Watch and listen  Blogs  Speech synthesis  GRIDs  Agents  Intellectual capital developments