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IWMW 2002: Avoiding Portal Wars - the VMLE View


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Panel session on “Avoiding Portal Wars” given at the IWMW 2002 event.


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IWMW 2002: Avoiding Portal Wars - the VMLE View

  1. 1. The VMLE view • The MLE is the University …. • …. The University is the MLE • We’ve had an MLE for 100’s years • …. It’s just that it’s not very well managed
  2. 2. The Portal must be student-centred • They’re the customers after all …. But I’ve got a problem with the …. • Suits • Cardigans • Anoraks
  3. 3. The Suits • Can’t give me the administrivia I need • Life is about lists – Of students – Of courses – Of students on those courses – Of staff teaching those courses – Of marks • It can’t be that hard to generate an accurate list of students? • The Academic Registry seems to be geared up for examining but not teaching
  4. 4. The Cardigans • Sure, very client-centred and touchy-feely but …. • …. bonkers about quality assured information …. • …. to the point that they omit good sources of information because they haven’t got enough staff to vet the whole Web
  5. 5. • Have you seen this? The Anoraks • I mean, what’s that got to do with learning & teaching?
  6. 6. Us Learning Technologists just want to get on and use Blackhole • It’s really user friendly • Uploading Word docs is easy • It doesn’t matter that – It doesn’t run over secure protocols – It doesn’t integrate with campus-wide authentication scheme – It doesn’t integrate with the student record system – You can search the rest of the Web but not the Blackhole-hosted content • The point is it’s really user friendly
  7. 7. This presentation was sponsored by … • The John Slater School of Diplomacy