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IWMW 2001: Report on "Income generation options for your web site" workshop session


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Slides for the workshop session on “Income generation options for your web site” at the IWMW 2001 event held at Queen's University Belfast on 25-27 June 2001.


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IWMW 2001: Report on "Income generation options for your web site" workshop session

  1. 1. C1: Income Generation for your Web Site Diane McDonald, Strathclyde University
  2. 2. Q1: Identify potential revenue generating opportunities on your web site (The University’s e-shopwindow. “Browsers most welcome here” or is that “Most browsers welcome here”?) Opportunities: ISP; commissioned work/consultancy (web technologies); s/w development; profile raising; adverts - local business - but potential conflict of interest; sponsorship (targeted); affiliates and associates; selling marketing information; business services information; distance learning & continuous professional development; outward marketing - eg conference facilities; and hosting e-conferences.
  3. 3. Q2: Investigate how the opportunities identified could be implemented Drivers: Management Pressure; market forces - from the competition; finance; recruitment and R&D; cut of the “free ads”; need for financial support; pressure from sponsors. Pitfalls: It puts users off; (hidden) costs; legality & liabilities; would there be enough deals? Barriers: financial resources; legal; ideology; organizational culture. Exemplars: USA HE; Amazon Skills needed: web, media, marketing, business, common sense, contract and legal. In house already, but in short supply.
  4. 4. Q3: Devise a way forward Business models - guidelines please and business plans JISC briefing document (eg RSN on Advertising) Guidelines Potential to set up consortial arrangements to pool resources for legal, marketing &purchasing - do it once for the benefit of the several