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It’s all gone horribly wrong

Slides for talk on "It's All Gone Horrible Wrong" given by Jeremy Speller, Director of Learning and Media Services at UCL at the IWMW 2010 event organised by UKOLN and held at the University of Sheffield on 12-14 July 2010.

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It’s all gone horribly wrong

  1. 1. It’s all gone horribly wrong Jeremy Speller UCL Director of Learning and Media Services
  2. 2. Disaster communication in a crisis
  3. 3. 7/7
  4. 4. How institutions respond to disasters
  5. 5. Means of communication
  6. 6. Real world solutions
  7. 7. What now?
  8. 8. Panic!
  9. 9. Don’t panic!
  10. 10. Key staff Comms Major Incident Plan The bunker ?
  11. 11. Is your team involved?
  12. 12. Key staff Comms Major Incident Plan The bunker Web team = expertise
  13. 13. o d Fl o
  14. 14. ire F
  15. 15. c e l en st i Pe
  16. 16. d o n a o r T
  17. 17. e s a x i c k P
  18. 18. s t s ri ro er T
  19. 19. ke ua h q r t E a
  20. 20. Megaphones of informal communication with apologies to Martin Bean
  21. 21. Moodle alerts web email UCL network
  22. 22. WordPress JANET txt Shared services JANET web JANET hosting Other HEIs Live@edu Other networks campusM email Twitter Facebook Cellular AudioBoo
  23. 23. web JANET hosting Live@edu Other networks campusM Twitter
  24. 24. Other networks campusM Twitter Facebook AudioBoo
  25. 25. er rks email Unreliable data Unreliable data Cellular Unreliable network
  26. 26. Unreliable data Unreliable network Reliable expense WordPress JANET txt JANET web JANET hosting
  27. 27. Shared services Resilient bunkers? Other HEIs
  28. 28. Shared services Other HEIs
  29. 29. So what are we doing?
  30. 30. Today JANET web WordPress hosting Twitter AudioBoo Facebook
  31. 31. Tomorrow campusM Live@edu Other HEIs
  32. 32. How institutions respond to disasters
  33. 33. Means of communication
  34. 34. Real world solutions
  35. 35. In memoriam Long-serving staff member Gladys Wundowa and three UCL alumni – Lee Harris, Miriam Hyman and Neetu Jain – who were tragically killed on 7 July 2005
  36. 36. Acknowledgements Photographs: flood: fire: pestilence: tornado: pickaxes: on tube train: terrorists: earthquake: megaphone on car: megaphone: Map: Higher Education Map © University of Wolverhampton Theme image, buttons and hearts: