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introduction to IWMW 2000 (Liz Lyon)


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Liz Lyon's welcome and introduction to IWMW 2000

Published in: Education
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introduction to IWMW 2000 (Liz Lyon)

  1. 1. Liz Lyon, Director Designate UKOLN Welcome and Introduction Supported by
  2. 2. “UKOLN provides technical and policy leadership to the library, information, and cultural heritage communities as they advance into networked environments. UKOLN pursues research and development, provides advice and consultancy, and promotes community-building and consensus-making through awareness and events services”.
  3. 3. .…but what about the joined up bit?
  4. 4. Some practical examples Local • Division of Access and Continuing Studies • e-Tools for the e-University • Learning and teaching with interoperability Regional • Outreach and the community • Life of Bath • Bath and NE Somerset Library Services
  5. 5. Some more practical examples National • “Joined-up talking before joined-up thinking” • Metadata for Education Group • DNER and the Resource Discovery Network Global • Cultural heritage and memory institutions • CULTIVATE-EU and Cultivate Interactive • 15 partners in 12 European countries
  6. 6. Sharing the knowledge • Discussion, debate and dissemination is vital • Bringing people together to talk and share views and experience • Conferences, workshops and other events • This is your opportunity to contribute to the joined-up approach