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Holiday Gift Guide 2012_convert

  2. 2. HOLIDAY NOTEFROM SERGIOThe holiday season is a time for gratitude, a time for reflection, anda time for celebration. As 2012 draws to a close, I have much to bethankful for, and a lot of it comes from you, the IWM clients. I thankyou for inspiring me to discover new wines, for driving me to find newways to meet your needs, and for creating relationships built on peakexperiences, great company, and delicious wine and food.A little more than two years have passed since my family and I movedto Italy. That move has given me much to reflect on. I have traveledall over Italy--and, indeed, a lot of Europe--searching for wine, forgingrelationships with producers, and finding inspiration everywhere Iwent. I’ve taken this inspiration back to IWM, and I’ve renovated theshowroom in our New York City location, changed the menu to reflectregional Italian dishes rendered in seasonal food, and raised the barin our client service. Together with my team, IWM has worked hard toimprove our shipping and logistics department, revised and expandedour eLetter offers, and drawn together to provide a higher level ofservice. I’m proud of my team, and I’m delighted to serve you better.But all of this work comes down to wine, and while good wine canaccompany a celebration, great wine deserves it. I choose wines withdifferent purposes in mind: some are festive; others are simply delicious;still others bring people together in wonder and meditation; and allare memories in a bottle, waiting to be shared. All of these purposesdrive me to find and to deliver the best wines to you, whether Italianor global, whether by the bottle or the case, whether in-store, online orthrough our wine clubs.The wines you find in this guide are the wines I select each day forItalian Wine Merchants clients. I offer wines that inspire me--it’s justthat simple. I hope you may find your own inspiration within thisHoliday 2012 gift guide, and if you’re having a hard time finding thatspecial gift, my staff can help you choose something unique for thoseexceptional people in your life.From my family to yours, I wish the very best to you and everyone youlove –Buone Feste,Sergio Esposito
  4. 4. SINGLE BOTGIFT BOXESSparkling SPARKLING SUPER TUSCAN chiantiProsecco FRANCIACORTA (2nd label) classicoGIFT BOX GIFT BOX GIFT BOX riservaItalians don’t need Coming only From the hands of IWM’s gift boXan excuse to open from Lombardia, favorite producers, these Chianti Classicoa bottle of bubbly, Franciacorta is Italy’s second-label Super may be Italy’s mostand you don’t need own only méthode Tuscans are absolutely popular wine--andone to give it. A gift champenoise sparkler, first rate. These bottles for good reason.of Prosecco is the and it’s a fine one. are crafted from the Chianti’s bouncy aciditygift of pleasure; any Acidic and fresh, same vineyards and complements food likeday, every meal is a persistant with perlage, the same hands as the no other wine, andcelebration waiting and nicely mineral, this flagship wines, offering its happy dispositionto happen. Prosecco bubbly is Champagne all the quality with added warms you from within.offers an anytime, through Italian eyes, accessibility. Easy- Go classic, go Chianti,any reason gift to the and it’s a perfect drinking, finely made and and give Italy’s food-flexible, fun-loving present for all bubbly delicious, these artisanal friendly best from thepeople in your life. lovers. Large Wood bottles offer a gorgeous heart of Toscana.Large Wood Treasure Treasure Box introduction to the Super- Only in the best yearsBox Tuscan world. Single- is Riserva produced. $44.99 bottle Gift Box Single-bottle Gift Box$24.99 * Gift package contents subject to change without notice. $44.95 $49.99
  5. 5. TTLE SINGLE BOTTLE GIFT BOXES These single-bottle wine gifts are accompanied by an antique-style wooden chest that beautifully displays each wine. Each bottle is hand-selected by an IWM Portfolio Manager, unless otherwise noted in the descriptions below. biodynamic BAROLO AMARONE Brunello gift boX GIFT BOX GIFT BOX GIFT BOX Call them “orange” or “The king of wine and Amarone is a “big Since its birth in call them “skin-contact,” the wine of kings,” red,” an intense the mid-nineteenth these wines are unusual, Barolo in Italy is a powerhouse of a wine century, Brunello thought provoking and traditional holiday whose hedonistic di Montalcino has delicious. Made in gift, showing respect, density will leave become one of Italy’s methods more stringent gratitude and love. It’s you breathless. A most collectable, than merely organic, not too big a message great holiday wine most revered and these are white wines for Barolo, the most of unbelievable most drunk wines. It’s made like reds with ethereal of Italy’s wines. artistry, Amarone is age-worthy, complex extended maceration Age-worthy, nuanced, the embodiment of and utterly delicious, on the skin, making classic with notes of opulence and grace. drinking like a walk for a deeply textured, rose petals, tar and Amarone is the perfect through a Tuscan intensely flavored and earth, Barolo is a gift gift for those who live forest in fall. Perfect altogether unexpected from the heart of a larger than life and for the traveler in your wine.Single-bottle Gift wine-lover. Single-bottle twice as richly. life, Brunello is trip to Box Gift Box Single-bottle Gift Box Toscana in a glass. Single-bottle Gift Box $49.99 $49.99 $54.99 $59.99 SINGLE BOTTLE GIFTS 4
  6. 6. SINGLE BOTGIFT BOXESbarbaresco cult wine quintarelli SUPER TUSCANriserva GIFT BOX GIFT BOX GIFT BOXGIFT BOX Italy’s iconoclastic The Master of the Veneto, When Italian traditionWhere Barolo is King, wine producers keep Giuseppe Quintarelli, met international grapes,Barbaresco is Queen. it interesting. They do spent his life crafting a revolution was born inLike Barolo, Barbaresco things their own way, mind-bendingly beautiful Toscana. Whether usingis mono-varietal grow grapes in unusual wine, and the world international grapes orNebbiolo and comes places, and unusual lost a treasure when he indigenous Sangiovese,only from Piemonte. grapes in the usual passed away early in Super-Tuscan winemakersBut Barbaresco offers places. They make tiny 2012. There is no better changed the way thea delicate, tender amounts of great wine, testament to a great world saw Italian wine.take on Nebbiolo. It and their wines make winemaker than drinking The delicious fruit ofdrinks earlier, and it’s fanatics out of wine- one of his ineffable winemakers refusingeasily enjoyable. Treat lovers. Let us choose creations, and this Cru to play by the rules, asomeone you care the perfect cult wine Baby Amarone represents Super-Tuscan wine is theabout to the beauty of for the person in your the very best that Italy- perfect gift for the rebelBarbaresco and see life who likes to be -and you--can give. in your life.Single-bottletheir eyes light up with surprised, deliciously. Single-bottle Gift Box Gift Boxnew love. Single-bottle Single-bottle Gift BoxGift Box $94.99 $99.99 $84.99$69.99 * Gift package contents subject to change without notice.
  7. 7. TTLE SINGLE BOTTLE GIFT BOXES These single-bottle wine gifts are accompanied by an antique-style wooden chest that beautifully displays each wine. Each bottle is hand-selected by an IWM Portfolio Manager, unless otherwise noted in the descriptions below. antinori mascarello benchmark Gaja super tuscan barolo brunello GIFT BOX GIFT BOX GIFT BOX GIFT BOX Piemonte’s Angelo Gaja is Piero Antinori believes Bartolo Mascarello is A benchmark vintage an iconoclastic winemaker in making great the standard-bearer is one that embodies a who singularly remade wines by using Italian for traditionally made, wine’s perfect typicity. Barbaresco into a world traditions to shape artisanal Barolo. Now A benchmark Brunello sensation. This gift bottle both international and run by Bartolo’s daughter shows that ineffable embodies why critics, indigenous varietals, Marie Teresa, Mascarello sour cherry-and-earth connoisseurs and wine- and he has a point. makes Barolo as it has Montalcino terroir lovers alike can’t ever get Consistently the fastest- always done: from great captured in a wine that enough of Gaja’s velvety, selling wine at IWM, grapes, blended across tempers power with sensuous, and complex this Super Tuscan vineyards, in big botti. indisputable grace. Let creations. It’s the perfect balances fruit with Rich, evocative, ageless, IWM choose a bottle of gift for wine-lovers who herbs and minerality, a Bartolo Mascarello benchmark Brunello for know that sometimes making a wine that’s a Barolo rewards those the wine-lover in your all you need is a single delicious, finely made who appreciate timeless life who understands that name: Gaja. Single-bottle evocation of Super- tradition--and great good is fine, but nothing Gift Box Tuscan wines. Single- winemaking. beats the best. Single- bottle Gift Box Single-bottle Gift Box bottle Gift Box $274.99 $99.99 $124.99 $174.99 SINGLE BOTTLE GIFTS 6
  8. 8. SELECTItailian Wine Merchants offers a comprehensive selection of italy’s finest wines.
  9. 9. TION IWM gives collectors an unparalleled service for managing, cellaring, and enjoying wine.
  10. 10. SINGLE INTERNBOTTLE GIFT BCAVA (ROSE) RIOJA vintage PATAGONIAGIFT BOX GIFT BOX RIOJA old vine PinotThe French have Some wines are GIFT BOX GIFT BOXChampagne, Italians reserved, quiet, Tempranillo, Rioja’s This is best-selling winehave Prosecco and meditative. Rioja is main grape, likes a from outside of Italy.Spaniards have Cava. anything but. A gift for bit of aging. Rioja is a Argentina’s windsweptThis bottle of Spanish lovers of spicy wine, powerful, spicy, heady Patagonia region isbubbly holds all the Rioja is a deliriously wine that grabs you by home to some seriouslyvitality, charm, and delicious wine with the lapel and doesn’t old pre-phylloxera Pinotgusto of Spanish wines- a tangle of tastes. let go, but a little bit Noir vines. This bottle-and all the celebration Lavender, cinnamon, of maturity mellows of Argentine Pinot Noir,that all good sparklers black cherry, and a Rioja, deliciously. This grown biodynamicallyinnately have. A bottle sprinkling of spice vintage Rioja from an and crafted withof Cava is a bottle of dance the flamenco iconic estate shows meticulous care bycheer, and IWM gives in a Rioja wine. It’s a wine-lovers how a Sassicaia scion Pieroonly the best. Large Spanish romance in little bit of age adds Incisa della Rocchetta,Wood Treasure Box a bottle. Single-bottle grace to power, and will redefine Pinot Gift Box elegance to raw Noir. Rich, elegant,$34.99 energy.Single-bottle quintessentially Pinot--you $44.99 Gift Box can’t go wrong. Single- bottle Gift Box $74.99 $59.99 * Gift package contents subject to change without notice.
  11. 11. NATIONALBOXES BURGUNDY BURGUNDY CHAMPAGNE CHAMPAGNE (RED) (WHITE) (rose) GIFT BOX GIFT BOX GIFT BOX GIFT BOX IWM’s love for Grower Not many wine It’s a bottle of wine Perhaps there is no Champagnes endures, and retailers have access that’s crisp, clean, wine more cheery than this gift embodies exactly to high-quality, value- nuanced, finessed and Rosé Champagne. why. Grower Champagne conscious, artisanally just flat-out gorgeous. The pale roseate hue, is to Champagne as couture made, Burgundy, but Let IWM choose a the crystalline bubbles is to fashion: fantastic high we do. IWM has built perfectly kept, perfectly rising in a flute, the quality, intense flavor, a an impressive Burgundy crafted white Burgundy effervescent kiss of gorgeous nose, and the kind cellar of under-the-radar, from our selection of fine Champagne: of bubbles that dance across as well as showstopper, artisanal producers for Rosé Champagne is a your tongue make these Producers. Show the you to give the white delight for the senses. wines special. Give the gift of Burghead in your life that wine-lover in your life. The quintessential class, cheer and celebration. you have exceptionally Classic wines, like gift for those who Give Champagne. Large good taste and let IWM pearls or cashmere, appreciate the fine Wood Treasure Box select a Burgundy that’s never go out of style. things in life is a bound to impress even Single-bottle Gift Box bottle of Rosé Grower ENTHUSIAST the most discerning Champagne. Large $109.99 palate. Single-bottle Gift $69.99 Wood Treasure Box Box COLLECTOR $49.99 $249.99 $64.99 SINGLE INTERNATIONAL BOTTLE GIFTS 10
  12. 12. TWOBOTTLEWINEGIFTSThese two-bottle wine gifts are accompanied by an antique-style woodenchest that beautifully displays each wine. Each bottle is hand-selected by anIWM Portfolio Manager, unless otherwise noted in the descriptions below. TWO BOTTLE WINE GIFTS 12
  13. 13. Dinner for Two Sometimes the best gift is the gift of simplicity. This pair of easy-going, everyday-drinking wines, one white and white red, embodies the Italian tenet of la dolce vita--the sweet life. No grand gestures, no overwhelming vintages, just two happy wines to enjoy simply. It’s a gift that everyone can appreciate.Two-bottle Wood Treasure Box $44.99 Pronto A present for the present, the Pronto box offers abottle of red, a bottle of white, perfect for whateverkind of mood you’re in tonight. Two Italian classics- -a Baby Amarone and a late harvest Pinot Grigio-- snuggle together, ready for a dinner at home, right now. Two-bottle Wood Treasure Box $64.99 Basket of Bubbles French Brut Rose Champagne or Italian Prosecco: could there be a more charming dilemma? This basket offers the best of both bubbly worlds--a traditional French Méthode Champenoise and a classic Italian Prosecco. It’s the perfect solution for those times when you can’t decide how you want to celebrate. Small Woven-Wood Gift Basket $89.99 * Gift package contents subject to change without notice.
  14. 14. The Killer B’s, Brunello + Barolo It may very well be the perfect gift--the king of wines, Barolo, and the little dark one, Brunello, together in one basket. It’s the quintessential embodiment of indigenous grapes, rare microclimates, artisanal craftsmanship and wine masterpieces. You can’t give anything more essentially Italian than this perfect pair.Two-bottle Wood Treasure Box $119.99 Cult campania duo Under-the-radar Campania is the site of some serious cult winemaking. This duo of gorgeouscult wines exhibits how garagiste winemakers use indigenous and international grapes to interpret the wild, mineral-laden terroir of Campania. An unexpected duo for the person who appreciates the unusual, the bold, and the beautiful. Two-bottle Wood Treasure Box $159.99 an american in montalcino When you’ve tamed Time Warner and controlled Citibank, the next thing to do is to take over Montalcino, and that’s what Dick Parsons did in buying Il Palazzone. This pair of beautiful Brunello embodies what can be done with hard work, a great team, and the vision to pursue a dream. Two-bottle Wood Treasure Box $199.99 TWO BOTTLE WINE GIFTS 14
  15. 15. Prov Itailian Wine Merchants offers Portfolio Management Services.
  16. 16. The knowledge of knowing where and how a wine has been stored.IWM caters to the wine collector through our portfolio management services and strict wine selection guidelines.
  17. 17. THREEBOTTLEGIFTBASKETEach gift basket selection is accompanied by an antique-style woven-woodbasket, providing a beautiful presentation of your wine selections.
  18. 18. Tuscan TrioTwo’s company, and three’s a delicious crowd in this sampler from iconic Toscana. A Chianti,a Baby Brunello (aka Rosso di Montalcino), and a Super Tuscan join forces to offer apanoramic tasting of one of Italy’s most iconic wine regions. A delightful ménage à trois forpeople who love the romance of Toscana. Large Woven-Wood Gift Basket$119.99 THREE BOTTLE WINE GIFTS 18
  19. 19. Hills of Piemonte SAMPLERA Langhe Rosso, a Barbaresco and a Barolo share a basket--there’s no joke here, just three of thevery best wines from Piemonte. Sip a fun Langhe Rosso, partake in a stately Barbaresco and savorthe noble Barolo. It’s a trip to Piemonte tied with a bow and delivered to your favorite wine-lover.Large Woven-Wood Gift Basket$179.99
  20. 20. A Taste OF THE OLD WorldWhen you want to give a friend of loved one the world, this basket offers the next bestthing: a tour around the globe with three old world wines. A decadent Barolo, a spicy-aged Rioja, and an elegant Burgundy offer a delicious taste of global wines--all withoutleaving the table. Large Woven-Wood Gift Basket$224.99 THREE BOTTLE WINE GIFTS 20
  21. 21. indigenous Celebration Pack (3 Whites, 3 REDS) IWM founder Sergio Esposito founded his business on the premise that great wine brings people together. Give this six-pack of wine--three indigenous whites and three indigenous reds--to your favorite bon vivant and see how Italian wines can make a special occasion turn extraordinary. $134.99 Toscana Executive PACK There’s no place like Toscana. Transport your favorite wine-lover to this storied land with a perfectly chosen six-pack of Tuscan wines. Including Chianti Classico, Super Tuscans, Brunello di Montalcino and Rosso di Montalcino, these wines bring everything that’s grown under the Tuscan sun to anyone’s wine cellar. $234.99* Gift package contents subject to change without notice.
  22. 22. introduction to italy’s iconic winesBrunello, Super Tuscans, Chianti Classico, Barbaresco and Amarone: this case ofsix iconic Italian wines brings the best of Italian typicity to the table. Evocative anddelicious, representative and unique, delicious and expressive, these six bottles showa range of Italy’s winemaking and the passion of its winemakers.$349.99Blue Chip PiemonteBarolo, Barbaresco and other Piemonte beauties make this gift fit for a king--or aqueen. Help your best friend, favorite colleague or beloved relative drink like aPiemontese with this selection of six fine wines--Barbaresco now, Barolo later, and theremaining anytime. Just add truffles for an authentic Piemontese experience.$599.99 SIX BOTTLE WINE GIFTS 22
  23. 23. Itailian Wine Merchants hand selects its wines ensuring a very personal experience.
  24. 24. “Aged Wine” is more than amaxim. It’s a way of livinggracefully. “I offer wines that inspire me. It’s just that simple.” - Sergio Esposito
  25. 25. TASTINGCASESA case of wine is a sure-fire way to ensure the recipient remembers you, and your gift, for along time. Choose between a selection for the novice or connoisseur on your list. Each caseincludes 12 hand-selected wines, providing exposure to the wines of Italy and beyond througha tailored tasting experience, or the means to expand an existing wine cellar. * Gift package contents subject to change without notice.
  26. 26. GIntro to Italy (6 Whites and 6 REDS)You love Italian wine. Now you’re ready to make some converts. This case of six whitesand six reds will do just that. Evocative yet easy-going, representative yet unique, tastyyet expressive of Italy, these twelve bottles will show a newbie why you love Italian winewith a passion.$265.00iwm’s TASTE AROUND THE WORLDTraveling broadens the mind, enhances the spirit and enlightens the heart. This globaltasting gift will transport you to Italy, Argentina, Spain and more--and without having topack a bag. Sip on wines from France’s regions of Champagne and Burgundy; andestates like Italy’s Grattamacco and Quintarelli, Slovenia’s Movia, Lebanon’s ChateauMusar, Spain’s La Rioja Alta and Argentina’s Bodega Chacra—and many others.$840.00La CollezioneA Connoisseur CollectionYou know the gift you’d like to give yourself? This is it. Twelve unparalleled wines fromproducers like Gaja, Quintarelli, Giacomo Conterno, Giacosa, Tua Rita and TenutaSan Guido. Amarone, Barolos, Super Tuscans, Brunellos, Barbarescos and other iconicItalian wines jam-pack this assortment. It’s breathtaking, it’s bold, it’s epic, and it’s anunforgettable present.$2949.99
  27. 27. ENItalian Wine Merchants offers tastings for 2-10 people in our Vintage Room
  28. 28. NJOY Whether you choose a wine tasting for twenty in our Studio Regionale or an intimate dinner for two in our Vintage Room, IWM offers an experience for you. Educational or decadent, public or private, business or pleasure, IWM’s tastings make your wine dreams a reality. For more information call 212-473-2323
  29. 29. WINE CLUBWine Club members are the real insiders of artisinal Italian wine and global gems. Theyreceive the first taste of the exciting new discoveries as well as many of the longtimefavorite wines of IWM founder, Sergio Esposito. There are 4 wine clubs offered – eachtailored to a different type of wine lover. For example, our Exploration club is focusedon wine drinkers who may just be starting out with Italian wines while connoisseurs orseasoned collectors, whose cellars may contain only the top wines of Toscana andPiemonte, are prime candidates for Sergio’s Cellar club.ExplorationThis club is a beginner’s guide to Italian wine regions and varieties. Each month,Exploration club members receive a regular shipment of wines that are ready to drinkalong with helpful “vocabulary building” information to enhance their understanding andappreciation of Italian wine.$99.00 monthlyBig WinesThis club offers its members a broad overview of some of the most powerful, opulent, denseand sought-after, Italian wines. Big Wines members are already conversant in Italianvarieties and the country’s producers and are looking to broaden their knowledge with full-bodied wines that are ready to enjoy but also fully capable of improving with age.$149.00 monthlyGlobal artisansThere’s so much good wine in the world. This Club helps you indulge your good taste—and your need to enjoy those worldly wines right away. Each month, you’ll find speciallyselected wines from regions like Bordeaux, Burgundy, Montalcino, Rioja, Piemonte,Patagonia, Cornas and more. Travel the world of wine without ever leaving your cellar,and rest assured that each bottle has the global style, artisanal quality and impeccableprovenance that you’ve come to expect from IWM.$199.00 monthlySergio’s CellarMembers of this club have already made a serious commitment to Italian wine. They willreceive wines that are some of the most acclaimed and sought-after labels in the markettoday as well as the personal service of an IWM Wine Portfolio Manager to advise onbuying and cellaring their wines.$279.00 monthly
  30. 30. BS Everyday Benefits All wines tasted and hand-selected by IWM founder Sergio Esposito Wine Booklet with professional tasting notes and cuisine pairings 10% discount off re-orders of wine club selections (no minimum required) Reserved allocations of high profile wines The Wine Clubs Each club level receives three wines per month. Subscription prices do not include tax or shipping, where applicable. SPECIAL WINE CLUB OFFER IWM’s customizable wine clubs are always the perfect gift, but with special pricing, our clubs make your holiday gift giving even easier. 10% off any 10 wine clubs 15% off any 20 wine clubs 25% off any 30 wine clubs 30% off any 50 wine clubs WINE CLUBS 30
  31. 31. LARGEFORMATSMagnum, Jeroboam, Methuselah, BalthazarThe single, universal truth of wine investment can be expressed in three words: Biggeris better. A wine in a large format bottle will always age more gracefully than one ina regular 750ml bottle (the smaller the ratio of air to wine, the slower its evolution.) Ofcourse, there are more good reasons to buy in big sizes this holiday season: it’s simply morefun and makes sense when entertaining a larger group of people. Wine in a magnum, orlarger size, is as suitable for sharing as it is for cellaring.
  32. 32. LARGE FORMATS 32
  33. 33. TASTEBistecca alla Fiorentinaprepared by Chef Kevin Sippel.IWM provides personalizedcuisine for intimate gatheringsor large corporate functions.Italian Wine Merchants offers some of New York City’s finest wine tasting experiences in our “Studio del Gusto”
  34. 34. E Studio del Gusto is available for 20-125 people for private events. For more information call 212-473-2323
  35. 35. GIFTCARDSSometimes it’s impossible to know if your friends, familymembers, or business associate favors Barolo overBrunello, Valpolicella over Vernaccia or would actuallyrather have bottles of Prosecco instead. That’s thebeauty of the IWM gift card. It shows you care enoughto let your recipients choose for themselves from ourextensive portfolio of wines, accessories and gift books.Presented in an attractive display package, IWM giftcards are available in $25.00 increments.Purchase online at or call(212) 473-2323
  36. 36. How to OrderCall 212-473-2323,Weekdays 10-7 and Saturdays 11-7 (EST)Shop online 24 hrs/day at italianwinemerchants.comE-mail your Wine Portfolio Managerstore@italianwinemerchants.comVisit our New York City store at108 East 16th Street, New York, NY 10003Shipping:Complimentary shipping available in New York State for all orders above $99.00(FedEx Ground Service only).While Supplies Last:All featured gift items subject to availability.The law requires that purchasers of alcoholic beverages be at least21 years of age. You may not order products containing alcoholunless you are at least 21 years old. You may not order productscontaining alcohol as gifts for anyone who is under 21 years old.By ordering products, you are legally confirming that you are 21years of age or older. HOW TO ORDER 36
  37. 37. BUONE FESTE!
  38. 38. Italian Wine Merchants | 108 East 16th Street, New York, NY 10003 | 212-473-2323