Nisakorn Wiwekwin - PEMSEA ICM Chonburi Presentation


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Nisakorn Wiwekwin - PEMSEA ICM Chonburi Presentation

  1. 1. Private Sector Participation forPrivate Sector Participation for Sustainable CoastalSustainable Coastal Development in ChonburiDevelopment in Chonburi Province, ThailandProvince, Thailand Ms. Nisakorn WiwekwinMs. Nisakorn Wiwekwin ICM Program CoordinatorICM Program Coordinator 1st Asia Pacific Regional Targeted Workshop for GEF1st Asia Pacific Regional Targeted Workshop for GEF IW ProjectsIW Projects Hotel Sukosol, Bangkok, ThailandHotel Sukosol, Bangkok, Thailand 27th – 28th September 201227th – 28th September 2012 Bangkok, ThailandBangkok, Thailand
  2. 2. Chonburi Province, ThailandChonburi Province, Thailand  Coastal province situated in the eastern region of Thailand  Long coastline of 160 km is well known locally and internationally for its tourist resources  Serves as a gate way for import and export, an industrial center, and a new energy hub for the country as a result of the Eastern Seaboard Project of Thailand
  3. 3. ICM for Sustainable Coastal Development ofICM for Sustainable Coastal Development of ChonburiChonburi  Chonburi ICM Project • A partnership between the Provincial Government of Chonburi and PEMSEA • Commenced implementation in 2001 • Initially with five participating municipalities: Sriracha, Lamchabang, Saensuk, Chaophrayasurasak and Koh Sichang • By 2009, 26 coastal local governments joined, covering entire Chonburi coastline • By 2010, 63 non-coastal local governments joined to cover the entire province ICM Demonstration Site Chonburi Province
  4. 4. Coastal StrategyCoastal Strategy ThreatsThreats Strategies ValuesValues Natural Cultural & historical Settlements & areas of development Tourism & recreation VISIONVISION && MISSIONMISSION Pollution Overexploitation of resources Destructive fishing Siltation/sedimentation Habitat degradation Multiple use conflicts •Inform •Preserve & Conserve •Mitigate & Protect •Develop Desired Changes and Outcomes Saensuk Laem Chabang Sriracha Koh Si Chang Ao Udom  Prepared and adopted in 2004  Provides common vision, strategies and actions for marine and coastal management  In support of national and local policies, plans and programs  Specifies roles and responsibilities of various agencies and sectors
  5. 5. Coastal Strategy Implementation PlanCoastal Strategy Implementation Plan  ICM Action Plans for Chonburi Province • Prepared every 3 years in accordance with local government planning cycle (2006-2008, 2009-2011, 2012-2014)  Specifies activities that local governments can do together as well as individually depending on needs and concerns, including: • Strengthening governance mechanisms for coastal and environmental management • Development & implementation of management programs related to:  Natural and man-made hazard prevention and management  Habitat protection, restoration and management  Water use and supply management  Food security and livelihood management  Pollution reduction and waste management
  6. 6. Coastal Strategy Implementation PlanCoastal Strategy Implementation Plan  Serves as a reference for: • Preparing annual municipal plans and budgets • Identifying priority actions and support required from various partners
  7. 7. Framework for Sustainable Development of Marine & Coastal Areas through ICM
  8. 8. ICM Coordination andICM Coordination and Management MechanismManagement Mechanism  Facilitates inter-agency and multi-sectoral coordination and provides policy guidance  Organized to facilitate implementation of the Coastal Strategy and implementation plan  Includes representatives from government agencies, local governments, academe, NGO and private sector
  9. 9. Financing MechanismFinancing Mechanism Communities PEMSEA Resources mobilizationResources mobilization Academe: Kasetsart University, Burapha University, DoungManee School, Banseemaharacha School, WatRart NiYomThum School Global Environment Facility/ Small Grants Programme Wastewater Management Authority Underwater World Pattaya Co.,Ltd. Chonburi ICM Program Department of Marine and Coastal Resources Thai Environment Institute SML Project: Village/Community Development Fund Provincial Administrative Organization Fishery Association of Chonburi Province Local Government Units Oil Industrial Environment Safety Group MAEW, PLS UPDATE TO GROUPMAEW, PLS UPDATE TO GROUP PRIVATE SECTOR PARTNERSPRIVATE SECTOR PARTNERS
  10. 10. Capacity Building and Public Education andCapacity Building and Public Education and MobilizationMobilization  Identify PAP activities sponsored byIdentify PAP activities sponsored by private sectorprivate sector
  11. 11. Examples of Private Sector Participation inExamples of Private Sector Participation in Natural and Man-made Hazard Prevention andNatural and Man-made Hazard Prevention and ManagementManagement  Preparation of local oil spillPreparation of local oil spill contingency plan for Chonburicontingency plan for Chonburi • Oil companies, IESGOil companies, IESG  Etc.Etc.
  12. 12. Examples of Private Sector participation inExamples of Private Sector participation in Habitat Protection, Restoration and ManagementHabitat Protection, Restoration and Management  Mangrove reforestationMangrove reforestation • Private sector partners?Private sector partners?  Coral reef restorationCoral reef restoration  Seagrass transplantationSeagrass transplantation  Beach restorationBeach restoration  Sea turtle conservationSea turtle conservation • MOU with Underwater World PattayaMOU with Underwater World Pattaya
  13. 13. Examples of Private Sector Participation inExamples of Private Sector Participation in Water use and supply managementWater use and supply management  Water conservationWater conservation  Etc.Etc.
  14. 14. Examples of Private Sector Participation inExamples of Private Sector Participation in Food Security and Livelihood ManagementFood Security and Livelihood Management  Floating mussel farmFloating mussel farm • Private sector partners?Private sector partners?  Crab condominiumCrab condominium  Etc.Etc.
  15. 15. Examples of Private Sector Participation inExamples of Private Sector Participation in Pollution Reduction and Waste ManagementPollution Reduction and Waste Management  Coastal cleanupsCoastal cleanups  Waste management reduction/Waste management reduction/ segregation/reuse/recoverysegregation/reuse/recovery  Use of grease traps in restaurantsUse of grease traps in restaurants
  16. 16. Private Sector Participation in Chonburi ICM Program Participation in the ICM Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) Participation in consultations leading to policy reforms Provision of technical support Resource mobilization Sponsorship of community-based projects Information, education and communication campaigns
  17. 17. Private Sector PartnersPrivate Sector Partners  List/summarize private sectorList/summarize private sector partnerspartners
  18. 18. Engaging the private sector throughEngaging the private sector through ICMICM  ICM provides a framework for theICM provides a framework for the private/corporate sector to align their CSRprivate/corporate sector to align their CSR programs with the goals and programs beingprograms with the goals and programs being implemented by local governments in support ofimplemented by local governments in support of ICM.ICM.  Opportunity for the corporate sector to enhanceOpportunity for the corporate sector to enhance its CSR projects and contribute to a biggerits CSR projects and contribute to a bigger objectiveobjective  Opportunity for local government to accessOpportunity for local government to access resources from the corporate sector and scale upresources from the corporate sector and scale up the implementation of ICM through public privatethe implementation of ICM through public private partnershipspartnerships