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Monitoring and Evaluation in GEF International Waters Projects


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Monitoring and Evaluation in GEF International Waters Projects

  1. 1. Monitoring and Evaluation inMonitoring and Evaluation in GEF International WatersGEF International Waters ProjectsProjects Dr. Juha I. UittoDr. Juha I. Uitto GEF Monitoring and EvaluationGEF Monitoring and Evaluation (
  2. 2. Monitoring and EvaluationMonitoring and Evaluation Management toolsManagement tools Interactive and mutually supportiveInteractive and mutually supportive Decision-making on programDecision-making on program managementmanagement Accountability in the use of resourcesAccountability in the use of resources Lessons from experienceLessons from experience Results orientedResults oriented
  3. 3. Important DistinctionsImportant Distinctions Monitoring = Continuous process ofMonitoring = Continuous process of collecting and analyzing data tocollecting and analyzing data to measure the performance of a program,measure the performance of a program, project or activityproject or activity Evaluation = Periodic assessment thatEvaluation = Periodic assessment that answers questions about why activitiesanswers questions about why activities are occurring as they areare occurring as they are
  4. 4. IndicatorsIndicators Measures of the impacts,Measures of the impacts, outcomes, outputs, and processesoutcomes, outputs, and processes IndicatorsIndicators – MeasurableMeasurable – PrecisePrecise – ConsistentConsistent – SensitiveSensitive
  5. 5. M&E of International WatersM&E of International Waters ProcessProcess IndicatorsIndicators Stress ReductionStress Reduction IndicatorsIndicators EnvironmentalEnvironmental Status IndicatorsStatus Indicators Focusing on the processes that are likely to lead towards a desirable outcome Focusing on concrete actions that will reduce the environmental stress on the waterbody Focusing on actual improvement of ecosystem quality
  6. 6. Use of Monitoring andUse of Monitoring and Evaluation InformationEvaluation Information Ways information will be used inWays information will be used in learning/decision makinglearning/decision making -> Collect only data that is useful-> Collect only data that is useful Communications strategy/reportingCommunications strategy/reporting proceduresprocedures
  7. 7. Communication!Communication! Transparency: All countriesTransparency: All countries reporting on progress andreporting on progress and resultsresults Shared database that is open toShared database that is open to all stakeholders to view helpsall stakeholders to view helps transparencytransparency
  8. 8. SustainabilitySustainability Detecting changes in internationalDetecting changes in international waters requires long-term monitoringwaters requires long-term monitoring Need to sustain M&E systems beyondNeed to sustain M&E systems beyond project periodproject period Build into regular systems managed byBuild into regular systems managed by the countriesthe countries
  9. 9. More information on M&E:More information on M&E:
  10. 10. More information on M&E:More information on M&E: