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Mish Hamid - IW:LEARN Presentation


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Mish Hamid - IW:LEARN Presentation

  1. 1. The GEF International WatersThe GEF International Waters Learning Exchange and ResourceLearning Exchange and Resource Network ( ( IW:LEARN3 –IW:LEARN3 – GEF IW:LEARN IIIGEF IW:LEARN III GEF IW Science ConferenceGEF IW Science Conference Bangkok, ThailandBangkok, Thailand September 2012September 2012
  2. 2. 22 GEF IW:LEARN IIIGEF IW:LEARN III • GEF IW:LEARN 3 (2010-2014) Objective:GEF IW:LEARN 3 (2010-2014) Objective: ToTo strengthen the efficiency & effectiveness ofstrengthen the efficiency & effectiveness of GEF IW projects to deliver tangible resultsGEF IW projects to deliver tangible results through global portfolio experience sharing andthrough global portfolio experience sharing and learning, dialogue facilitation, targetedlearning, dialogue facilitation, targeted knowledge sharing and replication.knowledge sharing and replication. • UNDP & UNEP…UNDP & UNEP… • ……but IW:LEARN serves projects from ALL 10 GEFbut IW:LEARN serves projects from ALL 10 GEF Agencies as GEF IW’s “Community of Practice”Agencies as GEF IW’s “Community of Practice”
  3. 3. 33 Benefits/Services to GEF Projects:Benefits/Services to GEF Projects: What IW:LEARN DoesWhat IW:LEARN Does • Knowledge ManagementKnowledge Management – www.IW:LEARN.NETwww.IW:LEARN.NET: document repository, events, news,: document repository, events, news, contacts, project databasecontacts, project database – Technical Support: (Free) IW:LEARN Website Toolkit/Hosting &Technical Support: (Free) IW:LEARN Website Toolkit/Hosting & TrainingTraining • Targeted Training Workshops, /abt_iwlearn/eventsTargeted Training Workshops, /abt_iwlearn/events • Project-Project Learning Exchanges/Twinning,Project-Project Learning Exchanges/Twinning, /exchange/exchange • Support to Regional/Global Dialogue ProcessesSupport to Regional/Global Dialogue Processes • Community of Practice Facilitation, /communityCommunity of Practice Facilitation, /community • Portfolio-Wide Learning: Biennial International WatersPortfolio-Wide Learning: Biennial International Waters Conferences & Science Conferences, /iwcConferences & Science Conferences, /iwc • Outreach: Information Dissemination (E-Bulletin, IWOutreach: Information Dissemination (E-Bulletin, IW Experience Notes), /iwc, /ebulletin, /experienceExperience Notes), /iwc, /ebulletin, /experience • Referral Service (Help Desk), info@iwlearn.orgReferral Service (Help Desk),
  4. 4. Knowledge Management PlatformManagement Platform • Content repositoryContent repository • Documents,Documents, Contacts, Projects,Contacts, Projects, Events, Jobs,Events, Jobs, Videos, Photos,Videos, Photos, Project/ConferenceProject/Conference Outputs, PortfolioOutputs, Portfolio Guidance,Guidance, WebsitesWebsites • Thematic sectionsThematic sections 44
  5. 5. Regional Targeted WorkshopsRegional Targeted Workshops 55 • RegionalRegional Workshops forWorkshops for GEF IW projectsGEF IW projects and partners onand partners on targeted issuestargeted issues • Oct 2012Oct 2012 workshop onworkshop on economiceconomic valuation invaluation in AddisAddis
  6. 6. 66 Technical Support: (Free)Technical Support: (Free) IW:LEARN WebsiteIW:LEARN Website Toolkit/Hosting & TrainingToolkit/Hosting & Training 66 • Content ManagementContent Management System: including textSystem: including text pages, documents, files,pages, documents, files, images and GIS data, webimages and GIS data, web forums, blogs.forums, blogs. • Easy webpage editingEasy webpage editing • Four ICT Workshops toFour ICT Workshops to datedate • Next possibility:Next possibility: Netherlands 2012Q4Netherlands 2012Q4
  7. 7. 77 Project-Project TwinningProject-Project Twinning ExchangesExchanges 77 • Twinning exercisesTwinning exercises between GEF projects tobetween GEF projects to allow technical staff toallow technical staff to exchange knowledge withexchange knowledge with other projects orother projects or organizationsorganizations • Twinnings have alsoTwinnings have also included study tours,included study tours, workshopsworkshops • Proposal/cost-sharingProposal/cost-sharing
  8. 8. 88 IW Science Conference 2012IW Science Conference 2012 & Scientific Network (UNU)& Scientific Network (UNU) • 24-26 September 2012,24-26 September 2012, Bangkok, ThailandBangkok, Thailand • Platform to share scientificPlatform to share scientific research among the GEFresearch among the GEF family of projects,family of projects, • Highlighting scientific bestHighlighting scientific best practices across the IW portfolio;practices across the IW portfolio; • Base to explore sharingBase to explore sharing scientific knowledge with otherscientific knowledge with other scientific communities beyondscientific communities beyond the GEF;the GEF;
  9. 9. 99 GEF IW CommunitiesGEF IW Communities of Practiceof Practice 99 • Existing CoP’s – Nutrient Management, Surface Freshwater, Groundwater, Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction, IW Project Managers – Link to Scientific Network (UNU)
  10. 10. 1010 IW JournalIW Journal • Two special issues ofTwo special issues of journalsjournals • Increase awarenessIncrease awareness and highlight theand highlight the outcomes of projectsoutcomes of projects to the broaderto the broader scientific andscientific and academic community.academic community. • Likely EnvironmentLikely Environment and Developmentand Development • UNU executed activityUNU executed activity • First issue likelyFirst issue likely 2013Q22013Q2
  11. 11. 1111 Portfolio Visualization ToolPortfolio Visualization Tool 1111 • Google EarthGoogle Earth Representation ofRepresentation of PortfolioPortfolio • Layers: Ecosystems,Layers: Ecosystems, PCU Locations,PCU Locations, Participating CountriesParticipating Countries • Coming: Hotspots, LegalComing: Hotspots, Legal Frameworks, ProjectFrameworks, Project Sites (Demos, etc),Sites (Demos, etc), Portfolio ResultsPortfolio Results projects/@@project-map-view.html
  12. 12. 1212 Visualization: GeonodeVisualization: Geonode • GeoNode is an openGeoNode is an open source platform thatsource platform that facilitates the creation,facilitates the creation, sharing, and collaborativesharing, and collaborative use of geospatial data.use of geospatial data. • Download data in a varietyDownload data in a variety of formats/export to PDFof formats/export to PDF • Establish baseline data,Establish baseline data, risk asssesment, projectrisk asssesment, project monitoring and trackingmonitoring and tracking progressprogress
  13. 13. 1313 Portfolio Results ArchivePortfolio Results Archive 1313 • Searchable repository ofSearchable repository of GEF IW project resultsGEF IW project results – Website archive, results notes,Website archive, results notes, terminal reports/documentsterminal reports/documents • Analytical tool, where usersAnalytical tool, where users can visit and see exactlycan visit and see exactly what was achieved bywhat was achieved by projects in both quantitativeprojects in both quantitative and qualitative terms (keyand qualitative terms (key results in the areas ofresults in the areas of process, stress reductionprocess, stress reduction and environmental status)and environmental status) • GEF IW Tracking ToolGEF IW Tracking Tool
  14. 14. 1414 TDA-SAP Methodology &TDA-SAP Methodology & Course RevisionCourse Revision • Final working draftFinal working draft completed & conversion tocompleted & conversion to wiki formatwiki format • Comments from TAGComments from TAG • PM Consultation – additionPM Consultation – addition of actual project experienceof actual project experience • Pilot with Humboldt CurrentPilot with Humboldt Current LMELME • Course Development (w/Course Development (w/ UNU)UNU) • Final draft for GEF IWTFFinal draft for GEF IWTF endorsement (2012Q4)endorsement (2012Q4)
  15. 15. 1515 Project Manager’s ManualProject Manager’s Manual & Course& Course • First working draftFirst working draft complete and conversioncomplete and conversion to wiki formatto wiki format • PM Consultation to collectPM Consultation to collect project experienceproject experience • Preparation ofPreparation of accompanying “certificate”accompanying “certificate” • Completion of WikiguideCompletion of Wikiguide this weekthis week • Establishment of GEF IWEstablishment of GEF IW Project Manager’sProject Manager’s WorkspaceWorkspace
  16. 16. 1717 Outreach/InformationOutreach/Information Dissemination: E-BulletinDissemination: E-Bulletin 1717 • Monthly bulletinMonthly bulletin (stories, jobs, events,(stories, jobs, events, documents)documents) • Derived thru RSSDerived thru RSS feeds from GEF IWfeeds from GEF IW projects (automatic)projects (automatic) • 2000 subscribers2000 subscribers • Feed us your newsFeed us your news
  17. 17. 1818 IW PublicationIW Publication • ‘‘Community toCommunity to Cabinet: TwoCabinet: Two Decades of GEFDecades of GEF Action to SecureAction to Secure Transboundary RiverTransboundary River Basins and Aquifers’Basins and Aquifers’ completed andcompleted and launched at WWF6 inlaunched at WWF6 in MarseilleMarseille • Increase awareness ofIncrease awareness of GEF IW experiencesGEF IW experiences and achievementsand achievements • Marine publicationMarine publication
  18. 18. 1919 Outreach/InformationOutreach/Information Dissemination: IWDissemination: IW Experience NotesExperience Notes • Short case studies ofShort case studies of 3-6 pages to3-6 pages to disseminate projectdisseminate project resultsresults • Key sections: results,Key sections: results, replication,replication, significancesignificance
  19. 19. 2020 The EndThe End • Thank youThank you  • Keep in touch:,Keep in touch:,,,