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Integrated Nutrients Pollution Control Project


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7th GEF Biennial International Waters Conference in Barbados Presentation on Nutrients Pollution Control Project by Naiana Milea - PMU Director

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Integrated Nutrients Pollution Control Project

  1. 1. Government of Romania Global Environment Facility The World Bank Integrated Nutrients Pollution Control Project LN 4873 – RO WBTF 050327-RO MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE ROMANIA Naiana Milea - PMU Director
  2. 2. Methodology for evaluating the reduction of nutrients discharge in the Project area a) use of analysis data provided by a ground and surface water monitoring program performed by ANAR, in the Project area, using 124 piezometers and 84 surface water sampling points; b) use of proxies to estimate the reduced N & P discharge into the water bodies.
  3. 3. Stress reduction measurements: Pollution reduction practices Type on intervention Achievements Stress reduction Manure Management investments Completed in 34 communes, (50% of the localities included in the Project): 39 communal level manure storage, 1236 individual household storage facilities, 29 sets of equipment for manure management 51,120 kg N/year, 29,820 kg P/year. Municipal waste water New/extension of domestic wastewater 6,400 kg N/year, sewerage systems and treatment plants in 16 1,025 kg P/year, villages receiving also investments for 62,735 kg BOD/year. livestock manure proper management at community level. Promotion of the Code of Good Agricultural Practices reduced or conservative tillage, nutrient management plans with soil testing, use of leguminous plants in crop rotation, use of organic fertilizers, plantation of buffer strips and vegetative barriers, public awareness and better information, etc 10,320kg N/year-2012; 24,000kg N/year-2015 in Project area
  4. 4. Stress reduction measurements: Agricultural pollution reduction practices Year Manure properly stored and used (t) Nutrient reduction (kg) N P2O5 K2O 2011 2,400 8,640 5,040 11,520 2012 7,200 25,920 15,120 34,560 2013 14,200 51,120 29,820 68,160 Forecast 2014 39,000 140,400 81,900 187,200 Forecast 2015 112,500 405,000 236,250 540,000 Target for end of Project: 300,000 kg N/year