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Ganolife compensation plan explained


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This document outlines the GanoLife compensation plan for your business. Get started today. Visit

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Ganolife compensation plan explained

  1. 1. Compensation PlanCall Raul at 818-308-5893 or for details.
  2. 2. There are many ways to realize your dreams with GanoLife™. With us you have theopportunity to create the income you want 365 days a year. Plus, earn trips to some of the most desired locations on our beautiful planet. It’s all part of GanoLife’s powerful Compensation Plan.
  3. 3. RetailProfits | RP+GanoLife™ provides a straightforward way to generate generous retail profits. As an Affiliate,you purchase the products at wholesale (Affiliate Pricing) and mark them up for resale to yourCustomers (GanoLife provides you with a Suggested Retail Price (SRP) to help you establish acompetitive market value). You simply keep the difference between wholesale and retail. SUGGESTED AFFILIATE RETAIL PRICE PRICE PROFIT (SRP) $ 17 $ 23 $ 8Preferred CustomerYou can also make a nice profit when your customers buy directly from GanoLife as PreferredCustomers at the price you choose. GanoLife simply assigns your Preferred Customer anidentification number that connects them to you and pays you the profits you earn from each andevery purchase. Preferred Customer purchases also generate Personal Volume (PV) for you. Note: Prices subject to change without notice.
  4. 4. Project LEAPTM | PL+ LEADERS EMERGING AND PROSPERING GanoLife™ is proud to present L.E.A.P. ™ - an innovative blend of traditional merchandising and Network Marketing that generates greater profits and grows your bonus check. We offer a variety of models that you and your team can place in strategic sales locations in your hometown. Project L.E.A.P. provides advantages that far exceed traditional Direct Sales models. Each kiosk you enroll generates retail profits for the owner and Bonuses for you (plus the organization that introduced you to GanoLife). Project L.E.A.P. is just one of the advantages of the GanoLife 365 Prosperity Plan and a major advance in traditional Network Marketing compensation!LEADERS EMERGING AND PROSPERING Note: Available the second trimester of 2013.
  5. 5. DirectBonus | DB1-3 $GanoLife rewards your efforts and enthusiasmeach time you help one of your new Affiliates build X1 X2 X3their business with one of our three Executive $ 25 100 pts. $ 75 250 pts. $150500 pts.Packs (X-Pack1-3). As expected, your Direct Bonuscorresponds to the X-Pack purchased – the bigger thepackage, the greater the bonus!To qualify for a Direct Bonus, you must have also built your business using an X-Pack1-3 of similar orgreater value and remained Active.Alternative methods of joining GanoLife are available that do not generate a Direct Bonus. You maysimply purchase a GanoLife eKit for just $25, become an Affiliate and reserve your placement in theGanoLife organization.Or you can join with our Genesis Pack, set up a 50 BV (Bonus Volume) FlexOrder and become qualifiedto earn a 10% Fast Start Binary bonus when you help someone in each leg of your Binary organizationdo the same.The Genesis Plus Pack trains new Affiliates from the very start to think of the long term benefits ofestablishing a 100 PV FlexOrder where you can accumulate Loyalty Points you can redeem for FREEproducts while meeting minimum requirements to earn the Residual Binary bonus.Please understand that none of these alternatives allow you to maximize your earnings potential withGanoLife like an X-Pack3, an X-Pack2 or even an X-Pack1. Note: Prices subject to change without notice.
  6. 6. FastStart Binary | FSB6Paid on all purchases generatedby a new enrollee during their If you joined with:first six (6) weeks in GanoLifeTM.With this generous bonus, you arecompensated for the purchases generated byall new Affiliates who join your organization X-Pack3, you receive: 20%(both direct and indirect) in accordance withthe X-Pack you personally chose to initiateyour GanoLife business. X-Pack2, you receive: 15% X-Pack1, you receive: 12% Notes . TM
  7. 7. ResidualBinary | RB∞This bonus entitles you to earn 10% to 15% (depending on Rank) of all BV generatedby a potentially unlimited number of Affiliates (starting their 7th week in GanoLifeand beyond) placed on your “Pay Leg” (the smaller of the two legs in your Binaryorganization). As you advance in Rank, the Residual Binary can increase to 15% (seechart on page 23). 10 % Starting Week 7Remember that to earn this bonus, you and your team must have generated at least 300 BV in each of yourBinary Legs.
  8. 8. BuildingwithX-Packs | X1-3 1 INITIAL PURCHASE: Select the X-Pack that best meets your business needs. 2 UPGRADE PURCHASE: Upgrade your X-Pack by paying the difference in price*. 3 UPGRADE GROWTH - Upgrade your Fast Start status by generating the following: Remain Active plus generate a minimum of 200 Generate 350 GBV in one X1 PV during four (4) weeks (including personal and or Enrollment Tree Leg (no time limit). customer purchases). Remain Active plus generate a Generate 750 GBV in your Enrollment Tree, with a maximum of minimum of 600 PV during four or 300 GBV coming from any one Enrollment Leg (no time limit). X2 (4) weeks (including personal and Example: 300 GBV in 1st Enrollment Leg, 300 GBV in 2nd customer purchases). Enrollment Leg and 150 GBV in a 3rd Enrollment Leg = 750 GBV. Remain Active plus generate a minimum of Generate 1,500 GBV in your Enrollment Tree, with X 3 1200 PV during four (4) weeks (including or a maximum of 500 GBV coming from any one personal and customer purchases). Enrollment Leg (no time limit). Note: (*) Offer valid only during your first six (6) weeks as a GanoLife Affiliate.
  9. 9. Building Example: Assuming you initiated your business with X-Pack1 and have remained Active and Qualified, you receive the 20% FSB6 on thewithX-Packs | X1-3 BV generated by your Pay Leg – Paul and Betty – during their first six (6) weeks of affiliation with GanoLife. On a continuing basis, when Active and Qualified, you will receive the 20% FSB6 on all BV generated by any new Affiliates in your Pay Leg during their first 6 weeks of affiliation. Once their initial six (6) weeks have passed, you will earn 10% to 15% (depending on your Rank) from the Residual Binary (RB∞) on subsequent Pay Leg purchases. WEEKS Affiliate 1 Affiliate 2 Affiliate 3 1 20% FSB -- -- 2 20% FSB -- -- POWER LEG PAY LEG 3 20% FSB -- 20% FSB YOU 4 20% FSB 20% FSB -- 50 BV 50 BV 5 20% FSB 20% FSB 20% FSB Sara 6 20% FSB 20% FSB 20% FSB Paul 50 BV 50 BV 7 10% RB 20% FSB 20% FSB 8 10% RB 20% FSB 20% FSB John Betty 9 10% RB 10% RB 20% FSB 50 BV 10 10% RB 10% RB 20% FSB Peter 11 10% RB 10% RB 10% RB 12 10% RB 10% RB 10% RB TM 3 ∞
  10. 10. MasterBonus | MB8When you reach the rank of Diamond, GanoLife rewards youhandsomely for building Double Platinum (or higher rank) leadersin your Enrollment Organization – through as many as eight (8)generations.A generations begins with a Star300 and ends with a DoublePlatinum (or higher rank), regardless of depth. This means ageneration can include the sales volume of an entire Enrollment Legthat begins with a Double Platinum (or higher rank) that does notinclude another Double Platinum (or higher rank).The amount paid is based on a floating percentage of BV remainingafter payment of the RB∞ and the Global Leadership Fund (GLF4)described later.
  12. 12. Global LeadershipFund | GLF4Once you reach Triple Diamond (or higher rank), you are eligible to participate in the GLF4 thatsets aside 4% of global BV. You earn pro rata shares in this pool for the first Diamond (orhigher rank) you develop in each of your Enrollment Tree Legs. 1 share only for the first Diamond (or higher rank) developed in each Enrollment Tree Leg 1 share AFFILIATE PLATINUM TRIPLE DIAMOND STAR STAR PLATINUM OR HIGHER 1,000 50 1 share 0 share AFFILIATE DOUBLE DIAMOND PLATINUM STAR DIAMOND Example of PLATINUM OR HIGHER 300 OR HIGHER THREE GLOBAL SHARES 1 share DIAMOND STAR STAR AFFILIATE AFFILIATE PLATINUM OR HIGHER 1,000 50
  13. 13. PacesetterClub365TM | PC365 A power-packed retreat designed to help Double Platinums reach Diamond. of enrollment). ends Sunday. GanoLifeTM Double Platinum.rewards your successwith spectacular trips and incentives.
  14. 14. DiamondClub365TM | DC365Initiating all new Diamonds in the exclusiveDiamond Club 365. Annual Luxury Trip. in the world, like the Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu, the Virgin Islands, Belize, the Mayan Riviera, Easter Island, Rio di Janeiro, Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Greece, Spain and much more. when someone in your Enrollment Tree reaches Diamond prior to the trip – no more than two (2) generations below you.
  15. 15. Climb the As you build a successful GanoLife business, you will begin to climb through our ranking system. Along with enhancing Ranks your income, a higher rank will give you a level of prestige and recognition, establishing your reputation as an industry leader. Star Star Star Platinum Double Triple Diamond Double Triple Crown Double Triple Affiliate 50 300 1000 Platinum Platinum Diamond Diamond Crown Crown BV -- 50 50 50 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 GBV -- 50 300 1K 2K 4K 6K 10K 20K 30K 50K 100K 150K PE Star -- -- -- 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 6 Consecutive Weeks -- -- 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 Residual Binary 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 11% 12% 13% 14% 15% 15% 15% 15% Residual Bonus -- -- 500 1K 1.5K 2.5K 5K 8K 10K 10K 10K 10K 10K (Max/Wk) Master Bonus -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 4 5 6 7 8 8 Business Centers -- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 4 Global Leadership -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fund Avg. Annual -- -- 1,872.00 6,240.00 12,480.00 24,960.00 37,440.00 79,200.00 158,400.00 590,541.18 1,101,882.35 1,850,823.53 2,599,764.71 Earnings
  16. 16. GLOSSARYActive Carryover BV Fast Start Binary – FSB6An affiliate is considered Active when they have To calculate Bonuses, GanoLife subtracts the BV A special bonus (10%, 12%, 15% or 20%) paid toaccumulated 50PV during a rolling 4-week period. generated by the Pay Leg from the BV Generated a new Affiliate’s Enroller during the new Affiliate’s by the Power Leg (including any Carryover BV). first six weeks in GanoLife™ – depending on theBinary Tree The difference (Carryover BV) is added back X-Pack1-3 (or other option) selected by the EnrollerThe two-legged binary organization that forms into the Power Leg once weekly Bonuses are to initiate his/her business.the foundation of the GanoLife compensation calculated. Unused Carryover BV accumulates forstructure. Also known as the Placement Tree. 12 months maximum. FSB Qualification Status – FSBQS1-3Placement Tree Direct Bonus – DB1-3 The FSB percentage associated with theWhen a new Affiliate joins GanoLife, they are The Bonus earned by an Enroller when his/her X-Pack1-3 acquired (12%, 15% or 20%) or theplaced in one of the two legs of the Binary new Direct (personally enrolled) Affiliate chooses FSB percentage associated with other enrollmentstructure – often referred to as the Power Leg and to initiate their business with an X-Pack1-3. options..the Pay Leg. More generically they are referred toas the Left Team and Right Team. As an Affiliate Enroller Global Leadership Fund – GLF4builds their own Binary structure, they become An Affiliate who directly enrolls another Affiliate in GanoLife sets aside 4% of the Bonus Volume (BV)eligible to generate Team Bonuses from the GanoLife is known as the Enroller. The Enroller is associated with global revenues and divides it prosmaller of their two teams or their Pay Leg. responsible for the supervision and development rata amongst all qualified Triple Diamonds (and of those Affiliates he/she enrolls. higher ranking Affiliates) in accordance with theBusiness Center – BC1-4 number of Enrollment Tree Legs they develop thatEach GanoLife Affiliate has the opportunity to Enrollment Tree includes at least one Diamond or higher rankingopen as many as four (4) Affiliate positions or Similar to a family tree, the Enrollment Tree Affiliate. One share is earned on only the firstBusiness Centers to further expand their business connects you to the people who join GanoLife Diamond or higher ranking Affiliate per Enrollmentand maximize their earnings. A second Business before you and are responsible for your enrollment Tree becomes optional once they achieve Triple and to the people who enrolled them. At theDiamond, the third becomes optional when they same time it connects you to the people you areachieve Crown and the fourth becomes optional responsible for enrolling and to the peoplewhen they achieve Double Crown. they enroll.
  17. 17. Pay Leg Qualifying PurchaseGroup Bonus Volume (GBV) The Binary Leg with the least BV (including any The PV (50 or 100) required by Rank to remainThe BV associated with purchases made by your Carryover BV) generated during any given weekly Active during a rolling 4-week period.Pay Leg. pay period. Qualification PeriodL.E.A.P. ™ (Leaders Emerging Personal Volume (PV) The rolling 4-week period used to determineand Prospering) The sales volume associated with any personal whether an Affiliate has generated a minimum ofAcronyms used by GanoLife to identify our blend purchases (including Customer and Preferred 50 PV required to be considered Active and eligibleof two proven marketing channels – traditional Customer purchases). to earn Bonuses.merchandising and MLM – through the use ofsales kiosks. For many, L.E.A.P. is GanoLife’s most Placement Rankdistinguishing advantage. Enrollers may place the Affiliates they enroll An achievement benchmark established by wherever they believe will be of greatest strategic GanoLife used for recognition purposes andMaster Bonus – MB8 benefit in their Binary Tree. compensation purposes. For recognitionEarned once an Affiliate achieves the rank of purposes, GanoLife uses the highest Rank everDiamond or higher, by helping Affiliates in his/ Power Leg achieved. For compensation purposes, GanoLifeher Enrollment Tree to achieve the rank of Double The Binary Leg with the most BV (including any uses actual requirements established for eachPlatinum or higher rank (through as many as 8 Carryover BV) generated during any given weekly rolling 4-week period.Generations). A Generation starts with a Star 300and ends with a Double Platinum or higher rank. pay period. Residual Binary - RB∞Once the RB∞ and the FSB6 have been paid, all Qualified Active and Qualified Affiliates earn this bonusremaining funds are pooled together to calculate You are Qualified to earn Bonuses when you have based on the total Bonus Volume (BV) generateda pro rata share per qualifying Generation. a Direct Affiliate in each Leg (Right and Left) of by the Affiliates on their Pay Leg of their BinaryGanoLife™ uses this bonus to ensure a full 50% your Binary Tree who are Active because they are Tree who have been with GanoLife™ for morepay out of the BV generated companywide. generating a minimum of 50 BV during a given than six weeks. rolling 4-week Qualification Period. X-Pack1-3 Promotional packs developed by GanoLife that generate Direct Bonuses and establish the initial FSB1-3 Qualification Status.