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반공유재의 비극


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Published in: Technology
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반공유재의 비극

  1. 1. the tradedy of the anti-Commons by Jongsoo(Jay) Yoon twitter @iwillbe99
  2. 2. Analysis
  3. 3. Tragedy of the Commons 텍스트 텍스트
  4. 4. Tragedy of the Commons non-exclusion or exclusive but rivalry overconsumption commons government regulation self regulation public goods as the infrastructure private ownership privatization with the market
  5. 5. Tragedy of the Commons government regulation control by public authorities self regulation common goods as the infrastructure pine tree protection association Elinor Ostrom “Governing the Commons” private ownership transaction cost monopoly of the infrastructure privatization with the market
  6. 6. Free Ride on the Commons http://creative
  7. 7. Free Ride on the Commons non exclusion and non rivalry underproduction commons supply by government public subsidies public goods as the infrastructure intellectual property privatization with the market
  8. 8. Free Ride on the Commons public supply through public organizations public goods as the infrastructure public subsidies patronage system public funds open science intellectual property as the exclusive right financial incentive for innovation and creativity privatization with the market
  9. 9. Physical Commons and Intellectual Commons non exclusion rivalry non exclusion non rivalry overconsumption regulation underproduction incentive infrastructure infrastructure
  10. 10. creativity existing creation
 culture resource new creation
  11. 11. IC(intellectual commons) and IP(intellectual property) ! IC is different from PC(physical commons), as IP is different from PP(physical property) ! IC is not by-product of IP ! IP is from IC ! IC is infrastructure for IP itself as well as innovation and creativity ! IP should be IC asap ! Both IP and IC are for innovation and creativity
  12. 12. Scheme
  13. 13. Intellectual Property Scheme Creativity Innovation IPR Resource IPR Ownership 텍스트 텍스트 Access Use exclusive rights
  14. 14. get permission
  15. 15. or
  16. 16. DIE /
  17. 17. industrialized production centralized talents crafts creativity innovation IPR exclusive
  18. 18. Open Culture & Science Scheme Creativity Innovation open Resource open 텍스트 텍스트 Access Use with or without pay
  19. 19. experience & information decentralized free thinking creativity innovation insight realization diversity
  20. 20. freedom of information free creativity open creativity freedom of communication exclusive creativity collaborative creativity
  21. 21. Balance
  22. 22. ccl 적용제외
  23. 23. ccl 적용 제외
  24. 24. Out of the Balance transaction costs market failure monopoly of the Infrastructure increasing costs for the innovation and creativity obstacles to the incremental and cumulative innovation hindrance to the cultural diversity
  25. 25. Out of the Balance extension of objects and periods patent for software and BM TPM mickey mouse act ! putting the cart before the horse patent troll patent as a defensive measure copyright against free expression ! destruction of the commons aggressive IP policy e.g. Bay-Dole Act globalization of IP digital contents on the internet
  26. 26. Tragedy of the Non Commons not licensed by CCL
  27. 27. (1) trying to keep the Balance property rule exclusive right liability rule right for the compensation compulsory license ACS (alternative compensation system) free use with compensation various schemes opt-in, opt-out or mandatory by the law
  28. 28. enjoy
  29. 29. but
  30. 30. PAYY
  31. 31. (2) trying to keep the balance IPR to exclude IPR to prevent the exclusion new strategy with various motives
  32. 32. satisfy conditions
  33. 33. and
  34. 34. FREE 1732787905/ p://
  35. 35. 소비의