Masters of Marketing -- Benefits of a Mobile Website


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In the July 24, 2014 Masters of Marketing webinar, Website Coordinator Amanda Oldham discussed the benefits of mobile websites.

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Masters of Marketing -- Benefits of a Mobile Website

  1. 1. Benefits of a Mobile Website And the Best Practices of Mobile-Friendly Designs Amanda Oldham Website Coordinator
  2. 2. Mobile devices account for 30% of all website traffic. In 2012, mobile devices only made up 12.5%
  3. 3. 15% 15% 70% Overall Website Traffic Smartphone Tablet Desktop 34% 13% 48% 1% 4% Mobile Traffic Breakdown iPhone iPad Android Blackberry Android Tablet
  4. 4. Smartphone Design vs. Tablet Design • Smartphone screens are getting larger, but not enough to stop needing a special design • Should be more about function and user friendliness • Relies on touch to navigate • Tablet screens are larger, more closely resemble desktop • Very little needs to be changed for a tablet view • Touch navigation instead of clicks
  5. 5. Tablet Design Tips: Keep same as the desktop with minor changes. Such as: •Remove any hover style effects •Use shorter quote forms (optional) •Use alternate images
  6. 6. Should I have a Responsive Design? Or a Separate Mobile Site? • Responsive design: a website design that looks the same on all platforms (desktops, tablets, and smartphones) and adjusts to screen size and orientation. • Mobile Website: a separate website design that differs from the normal look (seen on desktops and tablets) and only appears on smartphones. • Responsive designs are good for a clear, consistent look and feel across all platforms. • But a mobile website is more user-friendly and easier to navigate since it is more focused on function.
  7. 7. So why are insurance agencies focusing so much on mobile website design?
  8. 8. Visibility & Optimization • Google in particular has bots that specifically crawl mobile websites, which provides smartphone users doing searches with more relevant results. • If your website is not very mobile friendly, it will not be ranked as highly on mobile searches. • Google prefers responsive and separate mobile website designs.
  9. 9. Faster Page Loads • “A second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversion.” Source: eReach Consulting • Load times are a factor of your website’s overall SEO. • Mobile websites are designed to be lighter, easier and faster to load on smartphones. • Non-mobile-friendly websites may not load at all. • Mobile searches are about convenience more than anything. Slow websites are not convenient.
  10. 10. User Friendly • Long drop down menus are good for compiling a lot of links and information on normal websites - very bad for mobile • Lots of clutter and information squishing together makes it hard for clients to navigate. • If client has too much trouble browsing content on your website, they will leave and not look back. • Remember Touch vs. Click • Buttons are popular and easy ways to help clients navigate • Larger text and click to calls
  11. 11. Engagement and Integration • Engage customers with mobile specific features: • Click to Calls • Location mapping • Easy contact forms • Add links to social media sites to increase traffic. • If they ‘like’ you, you can continue engaging them over a longer period of time
  12. 12. Function vs. Fancy • Pretty websites with lots of options are nice and visually appealing but clients are visiting your website for a reason. • Narrow down your website’s options • Focus on what your clients are wanting from your website when they are on the go. • Website mainly a lead generation source? Make quote forms the easiest thing to access. • Shorter quote forms make capturing a lead’s basic information easier, because it is easier for the client to fill out from their phone.
  13. 13. Better Brand Building • First looks are important. Having a friendly mobile website immediately makes you stand apart from a client’s previous bad experiences. • Easy way to promote yourself and push your best assets to your target market. • Another place to include your agency’s logo and other branding measures to help keep you in the client’s mind. • Aides with retention by better helping your current clients.
  14. 14. More Cost-Effective than an App • Mobile searches do not tie in with “App Store” searches. • Apps will not show up on mobile browser searches. • Easier for clients to find your website. • Mobile websites work for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones with a single design. • Apps require separate developments for each. • Apps do work as special complements to your mobile website, but should be a small part of your mobile efforts. Never the main event.
  15. 15. Recap: • Mobile website designs all revolve around how convenient your insurance website is for current and potential clients. • The more user-friendly/functional your design is, the more likely the client will take action on your website. • If a mobile website is too cluttered or slow to load, you will loss a lot of potential leads because clients will leave your website. • Your website’s mobile capability factors in to your overall SEO efforts.
  16. 16. So what makes a good mobile insurance website design?
  17. 17. Good Mobile Design Tips: • Minimize the need for typing things in. • Click to call all phone numbers. • Buttons are your navigation friend! • Avoid cramming things close together, so people don’t accidentally tap the wrong item • Shorten your quote forms and any customer service forms • Provide touch feedback so clients know that the website has registered their touch • Single column layouts work best
  18. 18. • Single column layout • Biggest focus: getting a quote • Buttons to make navigation easier • Clean feel • Downside: a little too long
  19. 19. • Single column layout • Broken up into identifiable pieces • Very few items to choose from • Focus is on contacting agency/customer service
  20. 20. Final Words • This webinar will be posted to the ITC Marketing blog: • Join us next month! • The Importance of Data Upkeep • Presented by Jennifer Fitzsimmons (AgencyBuzz Product Manager) • Thursday, August 28th at 12pm (CDT) • Want to register? Visit:
  21. 21. Thank you for watching! Follow ITC for more great marketing tips!