Masters of Marketing: Advanced Websites for Insurance Agents


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Presentation slides from the April 19 Masters of Marketing webinar from Insurance Technologies Corporation on Advanced Websites for Insurance Agents.

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Masters of Marketing: Advanced Websites for Insurance Agents

  1. 1. Masters of MarketingAdvanced Websites for Insurance Agencies
  2. 2. What is a Website?According to Google, 97% of consumers search online for local productsand services. Since many consumers are searching for information onlinebefore even approaching a traditional brick and mortar business awebsite is your first chance to make a good impression on them.
  3. 3. Benefits of a Website• Enhances Credibility• Website is available 24/7• Todays Phone Book Ad• Improves Customer Service• Convenient• Promotes Your Services• Opens Two-Way Communication• Market Expansion
  4. 4. Planning a WebsiteDesign and feel of the website is important, but you should first establishthe purpose and goals of your website. This effects the way your websiteshould be laid out. For instance, is your website service focus or salesfocus or both? Depending on your business’s marketing needs andgoals, your site could be laid out to promote your agency’s quality serviceor if your aim is to get leads the layout can incorporate highly visiblequote options.
  5. 5. Overall Website Design & Layout After identifying the purpose and goals of your website, you can consider the following: • What type of feel or message do you want to convey about your agency? Your color scheme and site graphics should be a reflection of your agency. • What main lines of businesses do you want to promote on your website? The type of layout that would suit your agency depends on how many lines you want to be easily visible. • Furthermore, based on the goals of your website, the layout can be further modeled towards that.
  6. 6. Easy to NavigateOne key point you should always keep in mind is that your site needs to be easy to navigate. Visitors should be able to quickly find what they need: Is your contact information readily apparent or is it easy to contact you online? If a visitor stumbles across your website, can they quickly determine what services you offer? Is the main navigation easy to see and understand?
  7. 7. Engage VisitorsFor your website to stand out and for visitors to remember your site, you will want to engage your visitors: Offer useful and unique information through your site content and blog posts Promote your social networking on your website and engage customers through them such as doing a referral program or contest Make your site a resource with tools such as calculators or free reports Especially if your site is service focus, you can list your carriers’ claims and payment options Videos or flash animation provide a more exciting experience that helps your site stand out Offer the option to sign up for newsletters
  8. 8. Keep Website FreshKeep your site relevant since a poor, outdated site is almost as bad as not having one at all:• Periodically update/add new content to your website – Update your home page since it is the first page most new visitors see and helps with search engine optimization – Adding posts to your blog shows how personable and knowledgeable you are. Furthermore, several visitors can find your agency through these blog posts• Not only do you want to add new content to your website, you will also want to do so on your social media profiles
  9. 9. Utilizing Website StatisticsYou can obtain useful information about your visitors just from your website statistics and webmaster tools:• What pages of your website are visitors viewing the most?• How are your customers finding you?• What is your website’s bounce rate?• Where are most of your visitors located?• Which keywords are visitors using the most to find you? •
  10. 10. Website is Part of a Whole Marketing Strategy Promote your website in your other marketing: • Do you list your website on your business card or other print marketing material? • Do you have your website on your phone’s voice message system? • Do you have your website listed in your email signature? • Do you create landing pages or website content directly related to any current Ads you’re running? • Do you link back to your website or include references to your website content when sending out newsletters?•
  11. 11. In ConclusionStephanie Te