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How to Make the Most Out of Google Local Search


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How to Make the Most Out of Google Local Search

  1. 1. How to Make the Most Out of Google Local Search
  2. 2. On Site Optimization • Optimize your site before working on external listings. • Add your city to the following areas: – Page title – Meta Description – Homepage elements - H1/H2, bolded keywords • Add Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) to every page on your site
  3. 3. Examples
  4. 4. Examples
  5. 5. Google+ Local • Find your listing
  6. 6. Create and Enhance your listing • Go to
  7. 7. Enhance your listing
  8. 8. Get rid of duplicates, if necessary
  9. 9. How to Remove Duplicate Listings
  10. 10. Asking for reviews, Do’s and Don’ts • DO ask for reviews soon after you’ve finished a call with a satisfied customer. • DO follow up with a gentle email reminder. • DO add a button on your website that links directly to your Google+ page for ease of use. • DO make asking for reviews part of your process. • DO add a link to your email signature. • DON’T set up a review kiosk.
  11. 11. Partner & Trusted Professionals Page • Allows you to develop long term relationships with local businesses • Uses photos, well laid out design, lead generation forms, dedicated pages, contains detailed information and is easy to set up.
  12. 12. Maximize your Local Efforts Email Marketing • Reviews on local listings and social media • Drip campaigns Run a contest Giveaways Local marketing • Local sporting events • Local / Holiday events • Colleges • Apartment Complexes
  13. 13. Google Local Insights • Look at Google Analytics to see where visitors are coming from and how they landed on your website.
  14. 14. Facebook Insights • Utilize Facebook insights to make sure you are targeting the correct audience.
  15. 15. Thanks for attending our Google Local webinar. Have questions about Google Local? Give ITC a call at 1-800-383-3482 or visit our blog at