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Introduction Linked Open Data Initiative


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Linked Open Data Initiative is a non-profit organization to promote and implement concept of OPEN DATA, STANDARDIZED specifications and activities to develop advanced scheme to build society with corporate multiple stakeholders with shared data.

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Introduction Linked Open Data Initiative

  1. 1. Specified Non-profit CorporationLinked Open Data Initiative, Inc. Activities in 2012-2013
  2. 2. Linked Open Data?• Shifting Web of Documents to Web of Data• Opening and sharing our data• Linking related data• Publish data as machine-readable format 作品 出身 作品 観光地 観光地 舞台
  3. 3. Prospectus• LOD is becoming an infrastructure of our society – Similar to the impact to our society by Web – LOD help maturity and diversity of our society• We wish to diffuse LOD more in Japan ! – For Governments (Central and Local) – For Companies – For Citizens• How? – By Researchers, Engineers, Citizens together
  4. 4. History“Let’s make an NPO!” @Pub in Yokohama, August 2010Registration of NPO @Tokyo, August 2012
  5. 5. BoardChair Hideaki TakedaVice Chair Ikki OhmukaiVice Chair Iwao KobayashiBoard Makoto OkamotoBoard Fumihiro KatoBoard Tetsuro KamuraBoard Toru TakahashiBoard Yoshiaki FukamiBoard Fuyuko MatsumuraAudit Seiji Koide
  6. 6. Principal Business (planned)• Research on Linked Open Data and Open Data – Investigation and reporting on Linked Open Data and Open Data both in Japan and in the world concerning on the activities by governments and enterprises and related technologies.• Holding of seminars and symposiums – Holding of seminars and symposiums regarding on Linked Open Data and Open Data to make wider recognition and understanding for them in Japan• Assisting Linked Open Data and Open Data activities – Assisting the central and local governments and enterprises which build Linked Open Data and Open Data, e.g., design of schema, design of systems, building of data, publishing of data, using of data, etc.• Evaluation of Open Data activities – Research and evaluation of Open Data activities in the central and local governments and enterprises• Holding of Contests on Linked Open Data and Open Data – Holding of contests on Linked Open Data and Open Data to share knowledge and experience among people in Japan
  7. 7. What are we doing, indeed?
  8. 8. Collaboration with Sabae-City• Consulting for Open Data• iphone App “Sabae Burari”(with ATR Creative)
  9. 9. CKAN Japanese• Facebook CKAN Japan Group – Starting from Open Data Ideathon by GLOCOM (2012-06-09) – /327233017355370/ – Translation with Transifex – Providing Internationalization for 1.8 – Bug fix on Internationaliztion• Hub site for CKAN for Japanese Datasets –
  10. 10. Open DATA METI• Data Catalog Site for Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan – Content: • Statistical Data (CC- BY) • White papers (CC-BY- ND) – Based on CKAN –
  11. 11. DBpedia Japanese • DBpedia generated from Wikipedia Japanese
  12. 12. Commitment to Open Data Activities by Japanese Government• Board members commit various activities by Japanese Government – Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: IT Fusion Forum/Public Data WG – Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications: Open Data Promotion Forum – Cabinet Secretariat: Working Level Meeting on e-Government and Open Data (English names for the above organization are not formal)
  13. 13. Linked Data: Webをグ Translation of Bookローバルなデータ空間にする仕組み – Authors: T. Heath and C. Bizer – Translator: H. Takeda, I. Ohmukai, T. Kamura, A. Kameda, S. Koide, F. Matsumura and Y. Minami – Publisher: Kindai- Kagaku-Sha Feb. 4, 2013 on Sale
  14. 14. Next Plan• Practice, Practice! – Increase cases by LOD• More promotion on LOD technologies – Increase engineers and practitoners• Become the Hub for LOD Community in Japan – Bridging people across regions and deciplines