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Happy B-Day, Tom Fletcher!


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Hey, it's my first publication here so hope you like it =)

I made this Power Point as a present for my idol's birthday, the singer and guitarist of McFly...

Twitter - @laura_roma_ - follow me =)

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Happy B-Day, Tom Fletcher!

  1. 1. TOM FLETCHER ♥
  2. 2. Happy B-Day, Tom! ‫ت‬You deserve it, handsome!
  3. 3. We remember you from de beginning…
  4. 4. …with your family…
  5. 5. DougieDannyHarry…and with da friends! ;)
  6. 6. All that you have youdeserve it, TOM ‫ت‬
  7. 7. MARVIN>.< A cat...
  8. 8. A hot body... !*__________*!
  9. 9. A beautygirlfriend…
  10. 10. ♥And you’re gonna marry her, GIOVANNA !!!
  11. 11. And the most important ... don’t forget ... How we all could meet you! =D
  12. 12. It was my 1st concert, THE BEST OF MY LIFE! :)
  13. 13. As a present, I made you this "graffiti"; and I hope you like it
  14. 14. A HAPPY BIRTHDAYAnd all that I’m saying is just to wish you...
  15. 15. May all your wishes come true Made by @laura_roma_ follow please :)