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Egg Donor India, Egg Donation , Egg Donor Services


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Donor Egg IVF:
Rotunda - The Center for Human Reproduction
This is a wonderful treatment option for older women and women with ovarian failure. Since it is not possible to reliably freeze eggs, for Donor Egg treatment, we need fresh eggs. We would encourage you to bring your own Egg Donor with you. If you cannot organize your own Egg Donor, we will be happy to do so for you thru our Donor Egg IVF program. On an average, we aim for the recipient & donor sharing about 7-8 eggs each. Ours is an anonymous Donor program but we provide photographs of potential donors to the recipient. Our Egg Donors are screened for infectious diseases & also have a Thalessemia screening done. We can provide any specific genetic testing at additional cost. Our Egg Donation Program, unlike its western counter-parts does not depend entirely on Professional Egg Donors. We also have an Egg-Sharing Program where regular patients who require IVF and cannot afford it are ready to share half their harvested eggs. Although this option has wait-lists & your turn takes upto 12 weeks.Once you select a Donor, we will initiate the Donor-Egg IVF cycle. From day1 of your menses, you will start a prescribed dose of Estradiol tablets (Progynova tablets or Estrace Tablets). Subsequently, we will begin the Egg Donor\'s stimulation. You need to reach India only on the day before the Egg Donor\'s ovum pickup. The recipient needs to spend only five days in Mumbai beginning from the day before the Egg-Pick up of Egg Donor. We have tied up with a ground logistics company to facilitate our patients. Their teams of professional managers work round the clock to make your stay comfortable, facilitating a \'home away from home\' experience. Be it receiving you at the airport, overseeing your hospital stay arrangements, hotel bookings, local transport, ticketing and visa support, sightseeing, or just helping you pick a last minute gift for your family back home. From the time you arrive in India, up till the time of your departure, our team will ensure that your time is efficiently spent, pre and post treatment. You can contact them online at
We have a lot of patients who have benefited from our Egg Donation Program all over Europe & North America. A few of them have agreed to act as our referees & are willing to share their experience with potential patients. You can write to them from

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Egg Donor India, Egg Donation , Egg Donor Services

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