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Primary assembly


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Safer Internet Day Assembly presentation

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Primary assembly

  1. 1. Safer Internet Day 8 February 2011 Primary Assembly Virtual Lives
  2. 2. It’s more than a game… it’s your life!
  3. 3. The Internet is great because…
  4. 4. Why do we have age ratings?…
  5. 5. Computer games have a PEGI rating which are like a traffic lights to help keep you safe All information taken from
  6. 6. Things to think about… Email address Passwords me@ mymail. com 2 / 6 / 0 1 07779 778 779 1ntern3T Joe Bloggs Websites you use Friends you accept Txt you write…  Language u use 4 Privet Drive Games you play Ppl u talk to! Phone numbers
  7. 7. How can I enjoy games online and keep safe? AFE EETING CCEPTING ELIABLE ELL S M R A T